It’s the Easter Holidays and we have guests up from Great Yarmouth. On previous visits to our home Town The Speed Family have been to Taybarns in Gateshead. It was only last year that we introduced the to Za Za Bazaar, they liked it so much we visited twice in 3 days! Followed by a trip to Taybarns.

Za Za Bazaar

Za Za Bazaar Atmosphere

When choosing a restaurant for a family meal out, there are many things to consider. Will the kids enjoy the food, will there be enough choice and is there anything for me to eat! I mean this in terms of everyone’s taste isn’t the same. I like spicy food, Chris doesn’t. Imogen loves Pizza and Pasta, Abigail Likes Ham Sandwiches. So, when we came to Za Za Bazaar the first time, I didn’t know how our guests would accept it.

Turns out they loved it. They loved it for two reasons, there is a huge variety of food and it’s “all you can eat”. I’m not sure what the correct term is now for a buffet of this size. Is it All you Can Eat (like a challenge) or (All you can to eat), which ever option you call it I struggled to get my fit bit back on afterwards.

The place mats at the table are guide maps to culinary delights. Navigate your way through the Far East, starters, onto Pizza and Pasta from the European Section. Indian Cuisine, salads, American Hot Dogs, Ribs and Burgers and Nachos.

Za Za Bazaar Map


We’d had a long walk out and generally I would always go refillable soft drinks here as I feel it is most value for money. However Catherine fancied Red Wine, Jaime wanted White and what the heck, I’ll have Rose. We’d ordered our drinks during happy hour, which meant 2 glasses for the price of one. I felt like I’d hit good value there.

Za Za Bazaar Wine


OK! I’ll hold back from the plates and plate of food we ate, but snap shot a couple of pointers. The Far East section houses the starters. Spring Rolls, Sushi, Sticky Ribs, Prawn Toast and underneath all of that there is Duck and Pancakes drizzled with Plum Sauce. There is Cucumber in that plate too. The food is always fresh and constantly being replenished. Which is a good job as the Starters, also became my second plate full too.

Za Za Bazaar Starters

Live Cooking! Not only can you see into the kitchens here, you can see the chefs cooking up the dishes. There are also sections of the buffet where the dishes is cooked fresh for you. Catherine always like to go to the stir fry section where you choose your veg, noodles and sauce and the chef cooks it while you wait (She topped it off with some Beef in black bean sauce). The Pasta station is also a cook to order station. Here you can choose any pasta and a choice of sauce.

Za Za Bazaar Live Cooking

The kids love it here as you can have as much or as little as you want. We’re not too strict when we’re out at a place like this with the kids as long as they are eating. Abigail was over the moon with Ham and Garlic Bread.

Za Za Bazaar Ham

Finally Desserts. I sort of feel cheated that I didn’t photograph these. The reason was I started eating them before I sat down! Here you can a selection of mini deserts, including Chocolate Brownies, Gateaux, Tart au Citreon, banoffee pie, a creamy thing with red sauce on top, Jelly in a shot glass (which your spoon won’t fit into). The highlight of my trip to the deserts this time was a full size slice of Chocolate Tart (imagine caramel shortbread without the toffee), topped off with rice pudding. The rice pudding here is a little on the thin side for my liking but slavered over chocolate tart and it is the bomb!

Kids Love it, We love it and ten Speeds love it. We will be back.

For more details visit Za Za Bazaar


5 responses to “Za Za Bazaar”

  1. Rachel Kershaw avatar
    Rachel Kershaw

    I work on the radio advertising for these guys and whenever I pop on the food always smells so good!

    1. Here Come The Hoopers avatar
      Here Come The Hoopers

      In terms of choice and freshness, it’s a winner for a family. I don’t think there is another n par with it locally either.

  2. I’ve never been here (Louise took the kids with the Walkers last year) but really want to go. I’ve been looking at restaurants in Disney for out trip in October and they seem to refer to their buffets now as “all you care to eat”…

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