Disclosure Policy

Over the last year we have been building up Here Come The Hoopers. Occasionally we are asked to create a post about a product or experience in exchange for compensation for our time or a free gift. As and when this happens we will fully disclose the type of post it is. If it doesn’t say, assume that we have self funded our trip to the restaurant, theme park or all inclusive 5 star luxury holiday, that may or may not include a cruise.

Our opinions stay true

Our writing style is to write from our own experiences and any gift or payment won’t influence that. However an all inclusive 5 star luxury holiday, that may or may not include a cruise, would probably get a better review to a run down Blackpool B&B. Don’t get me wrong there are lovely hotels and guest houses there, but peeling wallpaper is peeling wallpaper!


Types of Blog post that are disclosed

Complimentary Meal, Experience or Product – These posts will be written about an item or experience we have been given free of charge. We won’t have taken any money for this, our complimentary item is accepted as a payment.

PR Sample – This is a blog post that we have been given a sample of a product to write about. This could be a preview or mini version of the full product.

Sponsored Post – We have been asked to write about this topic. We will have received a payment for this. However we would not accept a sponsored post if we didn’t believe in the topic. Or agree in with the promotion.

Sponsored Links – We have been paid to place a link to another website with in the post. Again we would be careful about who we linked to, but also keep it within context of our site.



Finally I’d like to disclose that it was me and not the kids that ate all your Birthday Chocolate Catherine… Sorry 🙂