Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle

The last time my Mum had been to the cinema was nearly 20 years ago. My Dad had taken her to see Titanic on the big screen. It was a big event that my Dad was clearly looking forward to as he was the kind of person who’d wait “until it was on the tv in a few years”. With the standard 4 or 5 channels, he would have be waiting a while.

Vue Cinema

As we drove up to Cramlington, my Mum asked me if they served wine! And I’ll be totally honest I didn’t know. She referred to my brother going to the Tyneside cinema and drinking a bottle of wine during James Bond. I believed he nodded off during the film, possible wine related.

I went to the ticket machines to collect our tickets, and my Mum was gone! She made a direct bolt for the counter. Requesting the wine. Turns out they have red, white and rose, alongside a selection of bottle lagers. The Shiraz was served by the glass (plastic) pre sealed and measured with a foil seal.

Eddie the Eagle.

A bit like the last film she’d seen, you sort of knew what the ending would be so it wasn’t about suspense or surprise, Eddie the Eagle is a film about a journey. The journey of someone with a dream and a very optimistic approach on life.

As a young boy Eddie has issues with his knees that means he needs to wear calipers. The doctor advises that he gives up any ideas of playing sports again and focus on other hobbies such as reading. The first book that inspires his passion is a book about the olympics. This becomes and obsession that stays with him

Prove them Wrong

The 1988 Winter Olympics.

The 1988 Winter Olympics was a very special year for unusual activities. One which is personal to my family. Jamaica entered a bobsled team into these olympics, which inspired a film. The story became even more famous when Disney produced the film Cool Runnings. But for our family there was another team that entered the bobsled event. My dad’s Cousin John Reeves was the driver of the bobsled for the U.S. Virgin Islands team. Both teams were novelties as they were from the Caribbean where ice and snow aren’t experience. Although this is their claim to fame, they didn’t get the same recognition. The Jamaican team finished 30th out of 38 teams. John Reeves and the US Virgin Islands team was 38th.

Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images

However this is what made the olympics brilliant. Eddie talks about Baron de Coubertin’s foundational ethos for the modern Olympics: “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in life is not triumph, but the struggle.” Its not about the winning, it’s about competing and doing your best.

There is a lot to learn from this Olympic loser. A lesson I think we could all gain something from. Life’s about trying your best at achieving a target, sometimes that goal is harder to reach and sometimes it’s further than you believe it to be. Without trying you will never know if it is achievable.

Eddie The eagle Edwards doesn’t win any gold medals at Calgary and I’m sure that isn’t a spoiler, but that’s the reason he is the legend that came out of 1988. This enthusiasm and drive is where this film excels. Why settle into other people’s expectations.

The film has a grass roots feel to it. The normal family background keeps the dreams grounded. I love that on the official website you can “generate” your own Eddie knitwear! http://www.eddiesweatergenerator.com/


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  1. Vikki Marie avatar
    Vikki Marie

    Great film!

  2. Family Makes avatar
    Family Makes

    Looking forward to seeing this as a family!

    1. Here Come The Hoopers avatar
      Here Come The Hoopers

      It’s fab! Take hankies!

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