Family Night at the Gate

A Family Night Out at The Gate

AD – This is a collaborative post with The Gate, Newcastle

Sometimes mid-week evenings can be lost in a blur of homework, clubs & chores, but why leave all the fun to the weekend? We had a brilliant night on Thursday sampling some of the fun family activities on offer at The Gate in Newcastle. It was weekend-eve after all!

The Gate, Newcastle

Located right in the middle of Newcastle on Newgate Street. The Gate is easily accessible by Metro, bus or car (with its own secure sunken car park) & offers so much for the family from young children to the hard to please tweens! (Hello Imogen!)

From their value for money restaurants such as Nandos, Pizza Hut, Za Za Bazaar, to leisure activities such as The Escape Room (which we successfully escaped from at Christmas) & new kid on the block CTRL pad (a gaming lounge) there are some great businesses making the most of the large space. And that’s before we mention the new swanky Cineworld which dominates the top floor.

Here’s a little peek of some of the things we got up to:

Big Fun with Giant Games!

The giant games like table football & battleship were a massive hit with the kids… and best of all they were free of charge! Now that’s always a bonus! The games are perfect if you filling in a bit of time before meeting friends of heading up to Cineworld.

Family Night at the Gate
Look at the concentration on Abigail’s face here!

And when we say giant games, we mean GIANT! The table football is about 25 foot long. At first I thought you needed about 7 friends to play this with. However Abigail and Alan had a tournament by simply running up and down following the ball.

Family Night at the Gate


Imogen is an Instagrammer in the making & took some shots with the potted plants in the natural light. She snapped this shot of the funky light installation too!

Family Night at the Gate
Family Night at the Gate

Nando’s in The Gate

It’s been quite a while since we had a Nando’s & really enjoyed the meal. The girls went for chicken with no spice, I went to the lemon & herb chicken burger & Alan also had the burger in hot spice with extra hot sauce on the side! We loved the corn on the cob sides too & wolfed the lot down!

Family Night at the Gate

Nando’s had a great buzz it wasn’t too busy & the staff were excellent! Alan said the decor reminded him of a themed restaurant at Disney so that’s high praise!

Family Night at the Gate
Family Night at the Gate

Crayons and puzzle sheets were provided for the girls which were a nice touch! Our kids start to get frustrated if they can’t be occupied, so the puzzles and games did the trick.

Family Night at the Gate
Family Night at the Gate

Our Chicken burgers came with two side dishes. I like rice and corn, while Alan chose Chips and Coleslaw. The creamy coleslaw is so refreshing against the firey hot Piri Piri.

Family Night at the Gate
Family Night at the Gate

Imogen went for a chicken wing dinner with chips. Sometimes you have to just dive in without the knife and fork!

Family Night at the Gate

The 4DX Screen at Cineworld at The Gate.

Myself and Alan used to come to the Gate a lot when it was Odeon back in our dating days and wow has it changed!! Cineworld has invested a great deal in the space with a swanky Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, & new kiosks for the all-important popcorn purchases. The floor shimmers with a sparkly granite disco floor, while a huge screen up above dazzles with advertising the latest cinema features.
New viewing options have been added including SuperScreen (A giant screen experience), ScreenX (An immersive viewing experience, where the screens cover the front, left and right sides of the cinema) and the 4DX Screen.
This is by far the most impressive cinema in the area & really got the kids excited for the screening of the Avengers which we were booked in to see!

Family Night at the Gate
Family Night at the Gate
Testing out Starbucks and Ben & Jerrys
Family Night at the Gate
Abigail trying out the 3D glasses!

We saw “The Avengers: End Game” on the 4DX Screen. The 4DX Screen is 1 D extra than 3D. Which means not only is the film in 3D, the extra dimension is added with moving seats, wind blasts, flashing lights, snow effects and squirts of water! (Although you can turn the water off)

Family Night at the Gate

We’d previously been to see Ralph Breaks the Internet also on the 4DX Screen and notice a difference in the intensity of the motions between the animation and the film.

Ralph Breaks the Internet 4DX
This photo was taken on our previous visit.

We had a brilliant night at the Gate & can thoroughly recommend a trip here with the family. Mid-week the Gate had a great atmosphere not too busy but busy enough to feel exciting as part of a treat night in the city centre. There are plenty of family-friendly options to fill in an evening, and our kids are proof that it satisfies.

Abigail is desperate to try another Escape Room at The Gate & Imogen loved the 4D seats so it was a win-win for the Hoopers.

Useful Information
Address: Newgate St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XQ
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:45am – 3:30am / Sunday 10:00am – 2:00am
Offers: Check the website for lots of offers


21 responses to “A Family Night Out at The Gate”

  1. louise coulson avatar
    louise coulson

    One of our favourite cinemas to go to as a family!

    1. it’s great and nice and handy for the Q3

  2. Wo, looks like a fab place to bring my family. Didn’t realise there was a cinema there!

    1. it’s super swanky now! was the empire but now cineworld!

      1. Victoria avatar

        Looking forward to trying the new look gate cinema!

  3. I like it for the convenience. We can hop on the bus, get off at the door, then stay and have a meal and a couple of drinks

    1. I know! The location is perfect

  4. Byron avatar

    Oooh it’s been a while since I’ve been in The Gate! Might have to pop back in and check out out.

    1. Get thee on a 4d screen!!!

  5. Adele avatar

    Great to have it all under one roof. Great day/night out

    1. Yup good for typical northern weather too for a rainy day out xx

  6. Ashleigh avatar

    The 4D looks fab! I will defo have to give that a try ?

  7. Never tried 4D! might have to give it a shot sometime and since im there looks like I don’t have to travel far for food either!

  8. Love the huge table football – it got a little competitive when we tried it though. The Gate definitely exceeded out expectations x

  9. What a fab complex to have close to where you live!! I’m quite envious

  10. Looks like a great destination for the whole family – everything you need under one roof!

    1. Years ago I remember it mainly being focused on night clubs / late bars and more of a party place for nights out. They’ve definitely tweaked they’re approach and are less focused on pub crawls.

  11. It looks like you had a great night out! I love a cheeky Nando’s… haven’t been for years though x

    1. We used to go to Nandos all the time. Call us creatures of habit, but I already know what we’d order before looking at the menu.

  12. It looks like you all had a great time too, I love all the changes the gate have made to make it more family friendly with the games etc. I have linked to your post in mine so people can see what you thought with slightly older kids than mine x

    1. Excellent. I guess it’s true that the experience at the gate will change with different age groups too.

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