Sunday Lunch at Evans Bistro

Evan’s Bistro – A Family Sunday Lunch in Whitley Bay

We were looking for some where different to go for a Sunday roast dinner. For some reason we always seem to miss out the coast. Which is a shame as the Tynemouth Market, Fish Quay, Whitley Bay Sea Front, there is lots to do and you could easily fill in a day. Anyway, we had added Evan’s Bistro in our to do list months ago and today was our chance.

Evan’s Bisto, Whitley Bay.

Evans Bistro is located on the corner of Station Road, Whitley Bay. An area I know quite well, as my best friend used to live in this street. The restaurant is sort of L shaped. While entering looking off to the right past the bar, you can peak into the kitchen and see Mark and Ritchie ruling their kitchen. I’ll quickly say that I;m not connected with the restaurant, but spotted a sign announcing the names of Today’s Chefs”.

Evans Bistro

An just incase you weren’t sure where you were they logo is across the rear wall too.

Evans Bistro

The menu is brought out on a clipboard. They were nice and crisply presented. In my mind this suggests that the menu is potentially evolving and updated on a regular basis. If they were printed and laminated fold out numbers, the restaurant would keep them as is for much longer.

Evan's Bistro Menu

As today was Sunday Lunch day, we had my Mother with us and the full Hooper four. Imogen and Abigail as fussy as usual, Me and Cat on the hunt for a good roast dinner. Imogen decided to go with the adult’s menu, while Abigail opted straight for Chicken Nuggets and Chips. There are times when I love that their favourite is an option, but there are times when I’d love them to try something different.

Sunday Lunch at Evan’s Bistro

The Sunday menu has 2 courses for £12.75 or 1 course for £9.75. For the extra £3, we had to go with Starters and Mains.

Catherine chose Mussels in white wine and Garlic Broth. Served with three slices of bread.


Both my Mother and I decided on the Prawn and Crab Cocktail. Again served with three slices of bread. The food was well presented and very tasty, at first I felt there was too much sauce, but after I wiped the plate dry with the bread, I’d changed my mind.

Prawn and Crab cocktail

The kids decided to share a portion of potato skins. They have two options, with dips, or with bolognese sauce and cheese.

Potato Skins

We were ready for the main meal. Catherine chose roast Lamb, with veg and the trimmings. My mother and I both chose the pork. As you can see the meal was neatly stacked up with plenty of gravy. Within the stack is roasted carrots, Parsnip, Potatoes, 3 slices of meat topped with a Yorkshire pudding. I need to also add a special mention for the mashed potato. The mash potato was the best I’ve ever tasted! Sounds weird as I really don’t get excited over it usually. It was creamy/buttery and velvety smooth.

Sunday lunch in Whitley Bay

The Sunday lunch also came with a side bowl of greens, which consisted of courgette, broccoli and cabbage.

Roast pork Sunday Lunch

Puddings or Desserts?

At this point, we were pretty stuffed. When asked if I’d like to see the dessert menu, I always politely say I’ll take a look. I wasn’t expecting the dessert menu to be on an A-Board sign. The young waitress brought it over and stood it near the table.

Instantly spotting the Sticky Toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce. The kids shared a Belgian Chocolate Brownie, even though they didn’t know what Belgian meant.

Evans Bistro

My Sticky toffee was delicious and I believe the kid’s brownie was good. The reason I say this is that it was gone in two seconds. We had to stop them from licking the plate clean.

Evans Bistro

Evan’s Bistro Review

I’ll start by saying that the whole family enjoyed the meal and it was very tasty. The staff were very helpful and friendly. We’d arrived quite early and had full choice of the restaurant for seating. Which we gravitated to an area near the kid’s zone. Evan’s has a little child-friendly toy zone. Which has a selection of games in it. Abigail dug out the Connect four to fill in the time between ordering and eating.

Evans Bistro

As our starters arrived another 4 tables had come in, which suggests we like to eat early. We did have a couple of niggles with our orders, but they were resolved quickly. So we really didn’t have any real complaints.

BUT… While flicking through the menu I spotted that they host a special menu once a month, with “unlimitedProsecco!!

The next one is 21st October
“Prosecco Prosecco Prosecco – 2 hours of unlimited Prosecco and a 2-course meal £25 2.30-4.45”. Maybe this will be our second visit to Evan’s Bistro.


5 responses to “Evan’s Bistro – A Family Sunday Lunch in Whitley Bay”

  1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it – I’m looking forward to our Christmas meal here. Let’s hope mashed potato is on the menu!

  2. I like the sound of the ‘unlimited Prosecco menu’! ????

  3. I’m dying to try the Prosecco event!!

  4. Evans has been on our date night list for ages but we still haven’t visited! The food looks lush!

  5. This sounds like the perfect place to take my family on Sunday after a visit to Tynemouth market!

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