Newcastle Eagles vs Glasgow Rocks

Newcastle Eagles kicks off BBL Championship 2017 season

Friday night and excitement was in the air in the Hooper household.  Thanks to Northern Print solutions we were heading to the Newcastle Eagles first home game of the season in the BBL Championship league.  The girls changed into their sports gear and tracked down the foam finger from the 2016 season-which I’m sure is the lucky mascot! Three games = three wins! Newcastle were taking on Glasgow Rocks with a 7.30 tip off, which gave us on some to nip in Primark for more clothing for Imogen’s school trip.  The school trip is only a two nighter to an outward bound centre but you’d think she was going off trekking the Himalayas on her gap year the amount of gear she needs.  Anyway I digress.

Sports Central Northumbria

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Newcastle Eagles have played at Sports Central on the Northumbria University campus since 2010.  There is talk of the Eagles moving to their own purpose built stadium in the West End of Newcastle. I’m not sure when this will be, but it’s bound to be an exciting new chapter in the Newcastle Eagles story and will help with their ability to coach at a grassroots level.  Still Sports Central is a great easily accessible venue in the middle of Newcastle which has a friendly family feel.  So many of the fans volunteer their time to sell raffle tickets (and ducks!) which the kids love and raise money for the club.  Organisation is slick, from bag checks at the door, to stewards showing you to you seat.

Team Talk

First up some team talk with coach/player Fabulous Flourney (yup that’s his real name) to set the mood.  The team were hoping to play on the successes of the past season with high hopes for new signing Zarko Jukic.  The Eagles had already got off to a great start with a 148-60 win over rival Leeds Force the week before. Excitement was in the air for the 2017/18 season to tip off.

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Taking our court side seats we settled down for the first quarter.  I don’t think there really is a bad seat in the venue to be honest. So far, so good.  Newcastle Eagles were out in front and the girls were really getting into the spirit of it, cheering along while simultaneously munching on sweeties.  Who says kids can’t multi-task?

Our experience of Basketball has been a very fast paced game and usually closely matched scoring. Being on the Newcastle Eagles side we were obviously backing them to win. So while in the first quarter Glasgow Rocks sneaked ahead, we really hoped it was just a slightly blip. Newcastle Eagles have won the past 2 games we’ve seen, so hopefully we are good luck charms!

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Back and forth the game went and  it wasn’t too long before the Eagles took the lead again.

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Fabulous was desperate to be on the court and when he was swapped in, he was on fire. He speeded around there own basket and lead the defence.

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Chuck a Duck

The Hoopsters love the chuck and duck game. Guests can buy a numbered duck for £1. During the gap between the third and fourth quarter, the Eaglettes run on with a black sheet and a stuffed Eagle Mascot. All the players have 1 minute to launch their ducks at the mascot. Where the closest wins.

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

Back to the game and it was a well fought battle. The Eagles, stormed ahead, followed by the Rocks closing the gap. With 20 seconds to go, the results of the game were concluded. Newcastle Eagles 119 – Glasgow Rocks 104. Our lucky charm status still remains true.

Newcastle Eagles Basketball 2017

A night at the Basketball is a really fun night out for the family. Considering I’m not a big sports fan, but I love the pace of the game. There is always something happening and the scoring is continuously changing.


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  1. I agree it’s a great family fun evening!

  2. Ah we were invited to this but my little two are little terrors so I didn’t want to take them. Sound’s like a fun night x

    1. Ahhh defo when they bigger! My two are perfect age so I’d say prob 7 plus

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