inflate space or Inflata space

Inflate Space Newcastle – The Inflatable Theme Park.

After encouraging the kids to help tidy out the garage all morning. Followed up by finishing off the weekend homework, our Sunday was pretty dull. And the kids kept reminding me of this. Catherine was at work and I was aiming to get lots of jobs done. So as a means of reward for the hard work they requested to go to Inflate Space.

Inflata Space or Inflate Space?

The Kids refer to the indoor inflatable theme park as Inflataspace, but the signage and website call it Inflatespace. I feel that Inflataspace is more catchy, but is possibly part of a naming issue as the signs were covered up in various methods. On the outer sign above the door, you might spot a sticker of the “te”. But what’s in a name?

We rocked up at 4:45pm just in time to join in the 5 pm bounce session. For 1 hour at the inflatable park, it costs £12 per person. This includes branded sock, which is enforced to help keep the equipment clean.

After a short safety briefing the kids we set to go wild. Leaving me with a parting message of “get us some drink cause we’ll be thirsty in a few minutes”. I didn’t think twice as I was looking for some good coffee.

Whats at InflateSpace?

inflate space or Inflata space

InflateSpace is just like a trampoline park, but with lots of inflatable bounce surfaces to jump off. With the added bonus of huge slides and obstacle courses.

inflate space or Inflata space

Our Hoopsters took off on to the Rocket Racers obstacle course competing against each other to get to the end the fastest. They seemed to have lots of fun and there weren’t any tears.

inflate space or Inflata space
inflate space or Inflata space

Other activities included the Orbiter Wipeout. Which is the perfect name for it. There are so many things here that remind me of that TV show Total Wipeout… without the water canons.

inflate space or Inflata space

There is a Warp Speed Slide, which isn’t this one in the photo!

inflate space or Inflata space

And a Crater Climb climbing wall.

inflate space or Inflataspace

I left them to it and they were loving every minute. I knew this as I had time to sip my White Americano and Caramel shortbread while tapping all over facebook. The cost of the food and drinks wasn’t too bad. Two bottles of pop and a coffee with caramel shortbread came to only £7. For a captive audience, I was relieved.

Sky Rider or Space Rider?

For an extra £3 or 2 for £5, you can tag on a ride on the Sky Rider or Space Rider. This is another part that is unsure of its name. The signs outside say Space Rider, the Token machine says Space Rider, but the laminated print out cable tied to the gate says Sky Rider. Possibly another naming problem here, but anyway…

This is a red course that is suspended from the roofing and is like a zip wire but turns corners. Imogen has done this several times and always requests the ride. Abigail bailed at the last minute as it is quite high. The first part of the ride starts with a rapid drop to gain some speed, but not as bad as a roller coaster!

inflate space or Inflata space

Everyone is secured into a harness before systematically linked into the flying runner system. Smaller children are helped up the initial stair climb to get to the top. Imogen was left to drag the runner up the track herself. The best way to explain the track is to actually watch it go. So here is Imogen hanging like a puppet!

InflateSpace is located on Benfield Business Park, just off the coast road. We visited late on a Sunday and there were no issues just turning up, but I can imagine on busier school holidays it would be worth pre-booking via their website

As we drove home I asked what was better the inflatable park of a trampoline park? Imogen said a Trampoline park, but if you ask me I’d say the inflatables. It looks safer and in theory more fun. Next time I’ll get my socks on!


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  1. It looks fab – we haven’t ventured here yet. Our kids are so spoilt for choice when it comes to soft play type places now aren’t they.

  2. This looks like fun, a few of my children’s friends have visited and said it was good fun. I think we will have to visit sometime

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