How much our £2000 Florida holiday really cost!

£2000 florida Holiday

We’ve returned from our “cheap” last minute Florida deal, but how much did it really cost? After all, this was our alternative for £3,600 11 days all inclusive in Benidorm. My friends had told me year on year food and shopping is cheap outside of the theme parks, so we gave it a go.

Recapping our Florida Holiday Package.

The Tui Package we eventually booked was for 2 weeks in the Delta Hotel, Lake Buena Vista. This included the return flights from Glasgow to Sanford (Orlando) and basic car hire. The total price for all four of us was £2231! Being super tight we also bagged £44 cashback via Quidco. I knew from past experience that this was a bargain, flights alone used to cost between £600 and £1000 each.

Hold on before we’d even left the TUI site we spotted our first extra. After booking, I was shown a seat allocation plan. There were 9 seats left on our flight (as it was only 6 weeks away) and only 2 pairs of 2 seats. So instead of risking being totally separated, I paid extra for the luxury of choosing seats! A bargain? at £88

Optional Extras in Orlando

We’d decided that we were going to avoid Disney World as we’ve done it so many times before. This time we’d do Universal Orlando and Sea World. We’d visited Universal about 8 years ago and Sea World about 20 years ago. So both had plenty of new attractions to keep us entertained for 2 weeks.

Sea World

Now that Imogen is 10 years old, theme parks seem to class her as an adult for ticket prices! So we hunted around for the best prices. The site I ended up on was American Attractions at a cost of £908 for 4 tickets. These tickets covered both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, alongside Volcano Bay, the new water park.

American Attractions

The Sea World Tickets covered Sea World, Busch Gardens and Aquatica. This time I booked with Sea World tickets were a lot cheaper at “only” £411 for the 4 of us. With our tickets sorted out any extra was down to food… Until I also spotted Mickey’s Not So Scary Haloween Party tickets on the site. These came to £252. Now we were sorted!

Florida Tix

The Hire Car Hard Sell

Our package included a basic car. Looking at the catalogue online it looked like we were going to bet a Ford Fiesta. SO I was ready for the hard sell when we landed. Expecting to be offered an amazing upgrade deal. Followed by the must-have extra insurance package.

The reality was offered an upgrade, which he looked at and decided to go for even bigger. Our car of choice was their “Standard SUV” which was a Hyundai Santa Fe. Plenty of room for 4 cases and a family of 4. As we’d saved on our holiday package I felt we could afford this. The upgrade cost £505.

Next for the insurance! The sales guy said “would you like the collision damage waiver and full insurance. It’s an optional extra… you really don’t need to get it”. He actually talked us out of getting the extra insurance, which we left alone. Basic car hire included basic insurance which covers damage you do to other peoples cars.

Car Seats? Abigail was borderline needing a car seat and we felt we should use one to be on the safe side. As we were “spending so much” (his words!), we were offered half-price car seat hire at $5 per day. We declined and decided to purchase a new one in Walmart at the first one we passed instead. This was only $20

I will add that if you search for Alamo Brits offers on google I could have pre-booked the same care, upgraded insurance for £380.

Food spending

In round figures, we spent £2000 on food. What we thought was going to be cheap dining options was probably similar in cost to dining in the UK. The menu price may be cheap(ish), but there is the service charge to add on afterward.

At the beginning of the holiday, we were dining like kings. Eating at Texas De Brazil, an all you can eat meat restaurant, which was amazing. Our share of that bill was $240. However, to by the end of the holiday, we had found CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. Here it was all you could eat Pizza and refill drinks with a total family price of $24. So We tried to balance up the dining with experiences we wanted to do on both ends of the price range.

Cici's Pizza

We did go to McDonald’s twice and both times were rubbish. Ignoring the cost, both times the service and orders were wrong and very very slow. Who would have thought that the home of the fast-food chain couldn’t beat the imported franchise here in the UK?

More Hotels

We added more extras to our holiday. One of which is a nearly no-brainer, the other was to do something different.

Firstly the no-brainer! We decided to stay at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. The reason behind this was to gain express passes for the Universal parks. If you stay 1 night here you gain express passes for everyone in your room on the day of check-in and the day of check out. The cost of these passes is more than the cost of the hotel room. So you could say you were saving money by staying here! To make sure we did everything at Universal we stayed 2 nights to be sure.

Clearwater beach

Next up is the SandPearl Resort in Clearwater Beach. Catherine had not visited the Gulf Coast before and we had some friends staying there at the same time. So we added 2 nights here too.

Holiday Hamster

Total cost for these four additional hotel nights was £999 via Holiday Hamster.

The Grand Totals

Holiday Package £2231
Food £2000
Park Tickets £1571
Car Upgrade £505
Extra Hotel nights £999

When I look at the totals like this I can’t help but think maybe our “cheap” last-minute deal wasn’t that cheap in the end. My comparison would be looking at a Disney World Resort package with the dining plan and park ticket. However, that would be a totally different holiday with a different set of experiences.

I’ll admit that it wasn’t as cheap as we had thought it was going to be. However, we had an amazing 2 weeks in Florida and I would happily do it again next year if I could pull the money together. The kids are only young for a short time and we hope that holiday adventures will be one of the things that they remember when they are older. They certainly set an impression on me when I look back. Where to next year?


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  1. Oh I guessed at £6.5k. In all honesty, you packed so much in AND it was during school holidays – I think you got a bargain still. You wouldn’t have booked all the extras if you couldn’t afford them and still could have cut the holiday price in half if you’d REALLY wanted to so yeah for making the most of it I say 🙂

  2. Wow! Loved this post. I’m so nosy especially about how much stuff costs. Although you kind of have killed my dreams. Your first post about the cost gave me hope we would be able to afford it in the future! Mind you I’m stingy as well as nosy. I would get pleasure out of squeezing us all into that tiny car and beating the upgrade pressure! X

  3. Wow! Loved this post. I’m so nosy especially about how much stuff costs. Although you kind of have killed my dreams. Your first post about the cost gave me hope we would be able to afford it in the future! Mind you I’m stingy as well as nosy. I would get pleasure out of squeezing us all into that tiny car and beating the upgrade pressure! X

  4. This is really interesting for people to realise that the costs do add up but I still think it is a great price in the school holidays. We paid just over 5k in the past to stay in Disney with the free dining plan, though this was 5 years ago and I am well aware that everything has gone up since. Looks like you did lots too x

  5. So annoying when airlines add on hidden charges isn’t it? Absolutely ridiculous that you have to pay extra to ensure that you sit together – fine if you’re travelling with friends or your partner but when you’re a family with children of course you all want to sit together, having to pay money to sit with your kids is just ridiculous!

    Such an interesting read, when you book holidays you never think about all the extra costs on top of it. We rarely take the time to add up all that we then spend on upgrades, food, drinks, tickets etc – probably because we’re in denial about how much extra we spend and would rather not know.

    Definitely makes you think that a bargain may not always be a bargain!

    Looks like you had a fantastic time though so no regrets!


  6. Next time visit Japan and Hong Kong with the kids. Disney resort in Tokyo is amazing and theres so much extra to do, plus its easy getting to Osaka to the Universals (and visiting Kyoto at the same time). The Disney resort there is the best in the world and its not as expensive as people think.
    And HKDL, we absolutely loved it. Perfect for kids as queues are none existant and we stayed at the DLH Kingdom club (comparable to castle club at DLP) for 400euros a night.

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