Jump 360 Hartlepool

Jump 360 Hartlepool

Trampoline parks are the latest craze and seem to be popping up in Industrial units everywhere. For two gymnastic obsessed girls they are a dream come true.  A chance to jump around like crazy, have fun and practice some gym moves.  The girls have been to a few organised birthday parties to trampoline parks where I have just dropped and ran. But when Jump 360 Hartlepool contacted us to give the family session a try, we jumped (see what I did there?) at the chance. Why should kids have all the fun?

Jump 360 Hartlepool – Location

The journey to Hartlepool from Gosforth was a hot one! The air conditioning in the car is broken (typical) and with the mercury reaching 26 degrees by 10am it was going to be a summer scorcher! Popping Jump 360 Hartlepool into the sat nav the journey took around 50 minutes from Gosforth, heading down the A1 and cutting past Wynyard Estate. Jump 360 was easy to find in the Sovereign Park Industrial park on the outskirts of the town.  We were excited to find out from the website that a new 360 Jump trampoline park will be opening in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne soon.

Socks, Waivers and Safety Briefing

You can’t go wrong once you’re inside Jump 360. We were met at the front desk by two lovely receptionists who explained about Jump 360 and provided us with a yellow wristband for our 11am session.  The trampoline park has only been open since February and you can tell. Jump 360 is modern, light and well air conditioned (unlike our boiling hot car).


First step is to check in to the reception and pick up a pair of Jump 360 grippy socks (£2 ). It’s worth noting that even if you have socks from other trampoline parks they are no good here.  You must wear the official Jump 360 ones to guarantee top grippyness.  Our bags and shoes were stored in the lockers (£1 which is refundable). Alan checked they were happy for us to photograph and Go-pro the trampoline action.

Waivers for insurance purposes are done electronically using the computers which are mounted on the wall.  It was an easy process and covers the centre ensuring you know any risks in advance.  Onto those risks…..

At 11am we were asked to head to the Briefing Room along with the dozen or so people booked on our session.  A handy stick man on flat screen TV’s hammers home the message that trampolines can be dangerous and that safety rules must be followed.  In short, there must be one person to a trampoline and you need to avoid the edges.  You must land with two feet and ensure you plan your landing!  If you are in any doubt of the rules there were plenty of friendly staff around to help reassure.

Jump 360 Hartlepool –  Zones

It was soon time to go into the Arena and start bouncing! Some of the highlights we really enjoyed were the following:

Jump 360

  • Hang Tough.  Alan may look more like Mr Muscle, but he was pleased as punch getting across the foam pit.  He’s ready to fill those forms for ninja warrior now.
  • Air Bag.  The girls enjoyed jumping off the platform onto the air bag.  I was too much of a scaredy pants!
  • Battle Beam.  I’m old enough to remember Ulrika Johnson and John Fashnu in the Gladiators and loved the Jump 360 Pugle stick battle. Keeping your balance is the hard part.
  • Dodgeball Arena.  Any excuse for the kids to throw balls at us! This was great fun and worked up a sweat.
  • Basketball.  So much harder than in looked! I do not think the Newcastle Eagles will be calling me anytime soon.

Jump 360 Hartlepool

Jump 360 Hartlepool

It was soon time for the yellow wristband crew to leave the session. Our hour was up.  At this point the girls were ready for a cold slush and we were ready for a nice sit down!  Trampolining is a full body workout!

Jump 360 Hartlepool for the Under 5’s

Although you have to be over 5 for the main trampoline park at Jump 360 there is a pre-school area ‘The Toddler Zone’.  In this section, which is safely barriered away from the main arena, you’ll find 15 linked trampoline beds and a large soft play climbing frame.  My girls would have loved this when they were little.

Jump 360 Hartlepool – Cafe

We popped back to the locker to grab our shoes and bags and headed up to the cafe, which doubles as a viewing area for parents to watch their children below.  The cafe has a basic snack bar menu with toasties, pizzas, panini’s and nachos.  The girls and Alan went for toasties (£3.50) while I had nachos with salsa and melty cheese (£4.50).

Jump 360 Hartlepool

It was lovely to catch our breaths and with the windows all open I was starting to cool down.  The cold bright blue slushes helped too!

Jump 360 Hartlepool

Jump 360 Hartlepool – Sessions


For details of opening times and sessions take a look at the Jump 360 website. At £5 per person for the Jump Family session it’s great value for a family trip out.  General admission is £10 per person over the age of 6. I did hear someone after us come in with a groupon voucher so it may be worth looking for deals online.  The session was pretty quiet due to the scorching weather and Father’s Day but ordinarily would be worthwhile pre-booking in advance.

Other sessions include:

  • Jump Late-an adult only session £10
  • Jump Party-£17 per child including food
  • Jump Toddler-£5 per session
  • Jump Teen-£10 per session for 2 hours.
  • Jump Fit-a fitness class priced at £6

Jump 360 Hartlepool

Jump 360 Hartlepool really is for the whole family and it’s safe to say we enjoyed it as much as the girls! I would love to try a Jump Fit session, when the Benton centre opens close to home.  I can only imagine how many calories that would burn up!  I feel hot just thinking about!

For more information visit the official website for Jump 360 Hartlepool


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  1. We have these in Holland too! So much fun, aren’t they. I love how this one has an under 5 play area! Our son is almost 4 and easily intimidated by older kids. Haha, the first time I went to an indoor playground with our him I made the mistake not to bring a friend of his and I ended up climbing all over, under and up with him myself. Great workout and massive muscle ache the next day! 😉

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