Vegetable Patch by Beginners

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

I’d toyed with the idea of starting a Vegetable patch two years ago and it went no where. This year would be different. I would actually do it! I would actually try and finish off the garden I started to build 4 years ago. There had been a section at the far end that catches the sun that was left un done. Instead of completing it I would start something else. This year I would finish the space.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

Generally I do OK with plants in our garden. I seem to plant them and leave them and they grow. Probably how nature intended them to be. The only times I have issues are when local animals come and sprinkle additions to them which kills them off. So, I thought I’d make a raised planter for the vegetables to grow in which will hopefully keep cats and other animals away.

Raised Planter Under the Sea inspired!

Our Back Garden was inspired by the Little Mermaid. If you took a tour of it you’d understand the theming. So to add a Vegetable planter that was un themed would be wrong. So I decided to try and create one that looked like a shipwreck. Although there isn;t enough space for an actual ship shape a nod towards it was as close as I hoped.

To start with I chose Scaffold planks to create the sides. Most people would use there horizontal to create the planters. I on the other hand thought vertical would be better. So instead of 4 longs strips I had over 20 in total.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

Each Plank was cut to a staggered length. Then jigsawed into a free style ‘break’, before being planed and sanded smooth.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

A couple of coats of Cuprinol coloured paint would hopefully protect it and add some neutral colour. The colour being inspired from salted sand beaten wooden ships!

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

It only took a couple of hours for Imogen and myself to piece it all together. Each piece was different and some needed adjusting to fit together perfectly. If perfectly means jagged gaps and uneven sides.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

Imogen really got involved and help loads over the installation. Firstly and she wanted to help, but she also wanted to earn some money for her Bank of Dad book.

We lined the planter with Black polythene sheet to try and prevent soil spilling out of any gaps. It would also help prevent damp soil just sitting on the wood. Which would hopefully help the planter last longer. At the very least we wouldn’t have water spilling out of the cracks.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

We used a normal stapler to hold the polythene in place. As long as the material was held until the soil filled it up was all we needed.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

Inspiring Children in Gardening

Some Soil, Seeds and a couple of plants finished it off nicely. Hopefully we’ll have a nice harvest this summer (if that is when you harvest).

We planted Rhubarb (in a separate pot), Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Sugar Snap Peas, Runner Beans, Albert Bartlett Potatoes and Strawberries. Hopefully some of them will grow. These items were chosen mainly by Abigail and Imogen and I let them get involved fully to try and engage them in the project. I feel it is important for children to experience growing their own food. It’s too easy to assume food comes from shops.

Which reminds me of when I mades some bread. I went to a relatives house and told them we made bread at the weekend. Their reply was “do you have a bread maker?”. My answer was “No”, I just baked it in the oven after mixing the ingredients in the kitchen. Convenience is nice, but not always essential.

It would be cheaper and more convenient to buy the veg ready to eat from a shop. Though we wouldn’t have the experience or disappointment of trying to grow them ourselves.

Cats and Vegetable Patches!

Within two weeks of planting out we had cat poo and dug up plants. The strawberry plants were shredded and the onions kicked to the floor. So as a first attempt to stop them I stuck sticks into the soil. This seemed to work for a few days, but then I spotted more poo and a dug up trough in between the sticks.

Stage two of my Cat prevention has involved netting. We’ve covered the entire planter with a green mesh net to deter the cats from climbing onto the nice fresh springy soil. The net was attached either side with nails to hook onto. Which seems to be working well. Except I have seen something is digging troughs and possibly stealing the onions from the Vegetable Patch. I’m hoping it is our friendly Hedgehog back to live in the garden, but we’ll need to wait and find out.

Vegetable Patch by Beginners

No doubt we’ll keep you updated with our Vegetable Patch’s progress.


9 responses to “Vegetable Patch by Beginners”

  1. This looks fab! We bought loads of seeds to plan this year and still haven’t got round too it!


    1. It’s been a bit too chilly to get fully into the gardening spirit!!

  2. This is such a cute idea! My grandma had trouble with cats in her garden so bought one of those high frequency deterants and my nana used to swear by empty lemonade bottles full of water but the best thing my auntie found was to buy lion poo with them being a bigger cat they’re a deterant and it will fertilise the plants too. Although saying that as its imported she had somebody knock on her door asking to buy the plant in her front garden….puzzled they looked it up and she’d grown a majuana plant by accident from seeds in the lion poo ?. She was mortified!! X

    1. That’s hilarious!! I’m off to try to track down some Lion poo though hope I don’t risk getting arrested!

  3. We did similar a couple of years ago in our garden and the boys love growing the strawberries, raspberries, garlic, leeks, courgettes, peas and runner beans. Trying to grow chillies this year too. Can’t get carrots to grow though, don’t know why!

    1. That’s great to know you have had success (bar the carrots). WE are trying chili’s too from seed (still in the house at the moment) but they don’t seem to be doing anything yet!

  4. Alan, I love this. I’ve always said I’ve wanted my own vegetable patch and if I ever won the lottery I’d spend so much time in my huge garden where I’d have my own patch. But at the moment between blogging, working and running I’ll have to leave my vegetable patch for now but I love all these tips. Katie x

    1. We can all dream!! if I won the lottery I’d probably get a gardener-lol!

  5. This is something we need to do. What a great idea and such a good way to get children more involved with gardening.

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