Georges Great British Kitchen Newcastle

George’s Great British Kitchen – Newcastle upon Tyne

Not sure if Newcastle is typical of other UK cities but there seems to be a boom in new restaurants opening.  Slowly, but surely, we are making our way around the new Grey’s Quarter in Eldon Square. Being rubbish at planning ahead we have unsuccessfully attempted to secure a walk-up table at George’s Great British Kitchen a few times.  Tonight we were in luck.

georges Great British Kitchen Menu

Heading there straight from the Katjes Sweetie Selfie at Fenwicks we secured a beach hut table named ‘Seahouses’ around 5.30pm on a Thursday school night.  Olivia (Millie’s Mammy) met us straight from work to make up our party of 5. Olivia has been to George’s before and as a pescatarian loves anything seafood. The sun was shining on a lovely spring night which added to the holiday mood.

georges Great British Kitchen Beach Hut

As it’s now the Easter holidays I would recommend you book a table if you are thinking of popping down in the next few weeks. George’s is sure to be busy, giving the good people of Newcastle a taste of the seaside during a break from all that shopping.  There are only two George’s in the country here and the distinctly inland Nottingham.  I think you can tell it’s not a big chain restaurant, with the attention to detail and strong family focus.

George’s Great British Kitchen Newcastle

George’s Great British Kitchen is in the new Grey’s Quarter part of Eldon Square, at the entrance opposite old Eldon Square (the hippy green to the locals).  It’s hard to get away from the fact you are still sitting in a shopping centre at times (that strip lighting!) but George’s have succeeded by creating a unique space with clever design.  Touches such as large illuminated letters, quirky wall art, picnic rugs all transport you to the seaside.  To add to the typical British theme bowler hats and selfie sticks are provided for a bit of fun.

georges Great British Kitchen Menu

The menu printed on newspaper all give it a unique sense of identity, but I did nearly set the place on fire as I opened it onto a tea light!  Imogen said ‘Mammy I can smell burning!’ then I realised Yikes! Nice little scorch mark in the menu. Apparently I’m not the first!  Brit Pop tunes on in the background added to the atmosphere. Altogether now ‘Parklife!’


You can have the best interior in the world but if the food isn’t up to scratch then you’ll not go back.  This wasn’t the case with George’s Great British Kitchen as the food was lovely.  The girls played in the outdoor bit for a while taking selfies.  We kept asking the staff, ‘Are they getting in your way?’ ‘Do they need to sit down?’ but they assured us they were fine.  Nice bit of peace of quiet for us then, and you can really relax when you know the kids are having fun.

Staff were friendly and attentive at all times and came to take our drinks orders.  We went for a medium sized white wine which was £3.95.  The cocktails coming out such as Candy Annie (£8.50) looked amazing and are described as ‘using vodka and gin, George’s passionfruit syrup, lemon juice and George’s own rhubarb and custard, served in a highball glass with a small ball of candy floss’.  Between 5 and 7pm two of these beauties are £12. Bargain!

georges Great British Kitchen

The girls chose blackcurrant cordial and apple juice which was included in their £5.95 ‘Young Diner’s Menu’.  It’s a shame that the paper stripey straws went to mush quickly though. They look so pretty too!

George’s Great British Kitchen Menu

We skipped starters and went straight for the mains.

I chose ‘Wild Ocean Hake in a Onion Bhaji Batter’ which was priced at £13.85  Served with pilau rice and homemade curry sauce.  I loved this dish! The portion was huge and the curry sauce was reminiscent of chip shop sauce but a little more tangy.

georges Great British Kitchen Menu

Olivia went for ‘Lemon Sole in Chilli and Coriander Batter’ (£13.95).  This dish was served with noodles and a red thai curry sauce.  Olivia loved her dish too though said it wasn’t quite as good as the Fish Burger she had had the last time.

georges Great British Kitchen Menu

The girls are creatures of habit and all went for ‘Lightly Breaded Chicken goujons’, served with chips and tomato sauce.  All kids love a novelty (escpecially one you can keep) so the bucket and spade, as a serving plate, went down a treat.

Young Diners

The girls could not resit the Kids Desert and it was such great value. For a bargain £2.95 the pudding consisted of two freshly prepared doughnuts served with a chocolate dipping sauce, a scoop of ice cream, flake and a ball of candyfloss. Millie’s doughnuts had disappeared, lost in transit from the server to the table, but they were quickly replaced.  Abigail hoovered up the candy floss in one mouthful and got stuck straight in.  Stuck being the correct word… she was full of sugary goodness around her mouth and all up her hands and arms.

georges Great British Kitchen Desserts

Before we left the girls were dispatched to the toilets to wash their sticky hands. Alan likes to do his toilet checks and I think he would have approved of these ones! Cool porthole mirrors and local beachy scene prints gave them the nautical touch.

After settling up the bill, we made our way back up to the car which was parked at the Civic centre. Abigail and Millie were definitely on a sugar high from the Katjes candy, George’s deserts and sheer excitement of being out late in town.  They actually bounced up Northumberland Street.  Good friends, good food and good weather made for a fab impromptu Thursday night in town!  I cannot recommend George’s Great British Kitchen enough.




8 responses to “George’s Great British Kitchen – Newcastle upon Tyne”

  1. I can’t wait to try here

  2. I’ve even dying to try this place for ages it looks awesome

  3. I thought the portions were great for the prices, although I still managed to find room for dessert too 🙂

  4. So jealous you managed to get a beach hut … I almost asked to move tables last time I went cos I really wanted a hut, then I remembered that I’m 36!

  5. Really liked it,had the squid starter which was amazing followed by fish and chips
    Hadn’t had a drink all week so was disappointed at there being no recognisable lagers so opted for the crafty seagull lager,DEAR LORD that is the nectar I was looking for .
    Rest of the family’s food was great and bday girl got a complementary sweet ,definitely go back

  6. A favorite of mine too 🙂 x

    1. It was great-fab food and service

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