Things we’re looking forward to in August 2018

Summer Plans 2016

We’re already a couple of weeks through the school holidays and the kids have started to say the “B” word. Unless they can site watching Youtube for the remainder of the holidays. Abigail has started memorise the Netflix catalog, while Imogen is just watching people making slime, poking slime and then mixing lots of different slimes together. While Cat and myself have spent the first 2 weeks, working and planning. August is when it all starts with us and we can’t wait.

Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Norwegian Cruise

Unfortunately, this isn’t the full set of Hoopers, it’s just the Hoopsters. 2018 was to be the year where we spent our money on refurbishments. Instead of going abroad we were redecorating. Catherine’s Parents decided that they wanted to take the kids on a week-long cruise.
Their Itenary is Newcastle, Bergen, Hellesylt, Geiranger, Alesund, Flam, Newcastle. Leaving and returning to North Shields, makes the voyage a little easier. I’m sure they’ll have a cracking time and the entertainment on board should be amazing.

More Child Free Time

Child Free time

We have been very lucky and are very grateful that Catherine’s Mam is able to look after our kids for a few nights per week. This has meant that Cat can still go to work Monday – Wednesday, but also means we have “nights off”. It’s something that you take for granted and can often be a little alien, but the ability to go out without the kids is A-Mazing!

We might have a night out to the cinema, or a sneaky meal out, or simply watch telly in the house without getting a gymnastic kick in the head from behind the sofa. Even as I write this now, the house is silent.

Amsterdam (without the Kids)

Amsterdam without Kids

As weren’t going abroad this year and doing house decorating we started to talk about a city break. After all the kids were away for a week. Then we completed all the decorating we had planned for 2018.

We’ve done London a few times and Paris, but only Amsterdam once. The last time we went we were staying in a weird B&B right in the heart of the red light district. I remember it being boiling hot and we had to have the windows wide open to get some air in the room. However, it would seem that the clock towers never stop chiming their bells… even through the night!

Anyway, this time we’ve got some touristy knowledge and have a tourist pass to get around on trams and canal boats. Cat is desperate to visit the Rijksmuseum. I’m simply looking forward to enjoying the city atmosphere and views. There is also a science museum I sort of fancy, but it seems a waste without the kids!

Cirque Du Hilarious, Laughter Dome Big Top, Tynemouth.

Cirque Du Hilarious

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on banners and graphics for Clive Web and Danny Adams’ Cirque Du Hilarious. This year they have decided to buy their own Big Top Circus (The Laughter Dome). The Laughter Dome will be pitched up at Tynemouth for 2 weeks from August 14th – September 2nd.

We’ve seen Cirque Du Hilarious a few times at Butlins on previous years. This first time we saw them our friends (The Speeds), insisted we had to see the show. “It is the funniest thing you’ll see”. I was skeptical of the title including the word Hilarious suggested (to me) that it wouldn’t be. I am cynical and not a huge circus fan.
It didn’t take long when the show started for me to be bent over in pain. laughing so much that I may have dribbled out of my mouth! The slapstick, seaside humour, merged with music, dancing and magic create a good all-round show.

Tickets are available at Ticket Web

Orlando, Florida

Universal Orlando

As we’re not going on holiday this year and doing decorating, we never planned to go abroad (oops). Then when I spotted the £2,000 deal for 2 weeks hotel, flights and car hire in Orlando, I felt it was too good to pass up.

True it didn’t include theme park tickets, but for the base of a Florida holiday, it was a good deal. Our previous holidays in Florida were heavily focused on Disney. This time we were going to try and stay away from the mouse. Instead, we’re doing Universal Studios, Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Haloween Party

Pirates of the Caribbean Mickeys not So Scary Haloween

We’re not very good at keeping to a plan. So as we’re not buying tickets to visit the Disney Theme Parks our little treat was Mickey’s Not So Scary Haloween Party. Yes, Disney is starting to celebrate Haloween in Mid August.
Tickets to the Party are £60 each, but that includes your park entry from 4pm. From 7pm standard daytime guests are ushered out the park leaving it just for the Haloween party. This makes the park quieter and the queues shorter (except the Haunted Mansion). There are a number of special events just for the party, one this year is Pirates of the Carribean with Interactive Pirates. I’m reading that as live actor pirates on the ride. Another big thing is trick or treating. Throughout the park is candy stations to fil your candy bags up and sample all that American candy that you have never heard of.

Clearwater, Florida

We’re also doing a little touring will in Florida. This time we have a couple of nights booked at a hotel in Clearwater Beach. I can’t wait to dip these toes into the warm water of the gulf. I’ve spotted an all you can eat crab restaurant that is a must. But it will be nice to simply move away from the in your face entertainment capital of the work for a couple of days too.

And this will take us up to September, literally without any breaks. It’ll be good to spend some time at home for a bit after all this.


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