Incredibles 2 : Is Pixar Pitching Towards an Older Audience?

Incredibles 2

The opening weekend in the UK for Pixar’s sequel to the Incredibles. A much-anticipated movie that was heavily hinted at in the final scenes of the first movie. If you’ve forgotten this scene, don’t worry it is summed up very quickly at the beginning of Inc. 2

After defeating Syndrome, The Underminer drills up out of the ground and rears his ugly head. Promising to cause all sorts of mayhem. Now as a SUPER family of 5 they have some new challenges to take care of. Not just the Evil Villians, this time. Teenagers, Babies, Fans and the law. Being a “Super” has been ruled as illegal.

Incredibles 2 and Me

It is the law in my house that I must show a photo of my Mr Incredible costume at least once a year. It was meant to be Mr. Incredible, but I arguably look as much like Elastigirl too. The Costume was home made BTW!

Without giving too much away about the film, I’ll try and give a little hint to the story and my thoughts on it.

After being outlawed by the government, a Super Fan (Winston Deavor) has decided to try and overturn the ruling. As society is only seeing destruction in the path of the Superheroes, that’s all that they are being remembered for. If only it was possible to see what their battles against evil involved. Winston owns a communications company and has an idea how they can win over the nation and reinstate the heroes.

There was something about the way Winston said certain words that I needed to work out who voiced the character. For the length of the film, I thought Steve Carell. It was only after 3 days that it clicked into place. It should have been obvious that Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) was the voice actor. Thinking about it the animated character looked a little like him too.

Is Incredibles 2 for kids?

We were about 35 minutes into the film and Imogen started asking how much time was left. This is always a bad sign. I was enjoying the film, the twists a little obvious, but the storyline worked. The action scenes seemed tense and dramatic. The Evil characters were dark and menacing. Abigail jumped out of her seat several times and I ended up lifting the armrest to cuddle her in. The issue I think Imogen had was that this was set up to be a film for an older audience. The story was slightly complex. The Evil Gadget was quite a scary concept, enough to freak my youngest. There is a bucket load of mild peril, in most scenes to be fair.

Step aside from the main story and there is a development of a teenager growing up, with Violet. How is their secret life affecting her real life? It reminded me a little of Inside Out. A little bit psychological and adding more character depth and layers.

Incredibles 2 Opinion

I won’t string out that I enjoyed the film. There was enough going on to make the film feel like it was a natural progression on from the previous installment. I hope there is an Incredibles 3 in the pipeline, which again is an impressive want. How often do you see a film and see that the sequel is clearly a sales tool (Finding Dory and Cars 2 jump out). The Incredibles has managed to disguise this. Or is it that the film is aimed at an older audience, who are less likely to buy tons of merchandise (excluding a super suit).



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