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The Hoopers January

It seems like two minutes ago that we were wondering what was in store for the Hoopers in 2017. We’re planning to recap each month with the inclusion of some extras that didn’t quite make the blog. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

We started off with a plan of trying to do more cooking and recipes.


Chicken and Bacon Pasta

Chicken and Bacon tagliatelle

This chicken and bacon meal is super easy and thrown together as a last minute option. The kids loved it and so did I. Pasta dishes are generally fast anyway. One of my favourite pasta tricks it to stir in a Rouille Cheese to make a very fast cheesy garlic sauce.


Hawaiian Skewers

Hawaiian Pork Skewers

The Hawaiian Pork Skewers were something a little different. Ham and pineapple works well on a pizza and I’ll argue that one with you! So why not spice it up too? The Chilli on the pineapple gave it a fresh kick. The Sag Aloo was a gamble it worked and was tasty, but a little bit of a starchy stew. Next time I could do with more chilli in it.


Easy Chocolate Souffle Recipe

Easy Chocolate Souffle

After we cooked this souffle dish, Imogen has asked for us to do it again three times. They are so light and fluffy and slightly addictive. I had two as Catherine was out the night we made them. Although I never mentioned it in the recipe, I had custard with them. If your feeling posh a vanilla sauce would work, but nothing beats custard in my eyes. (OK I don’t want custard in my eyes!)


Failing the amazing culinary skills, the next best option was to eat out.


Funky Indian Starters

The Funky Indian, Sunderland

The funky Indian was a new adventure for us and it didn’t disappoint. The concept of lots of smaller tapas style dishes of Indian food is amazing. We tried a good variety to make sure we gave it a fair try.


Cal's Own Pizza Oven

Cal’s Own, Jesmond

Cal’s Own has probably been open about a year now, but we’d not got around to giving it a visit. We loved the previous version on Chillingham Road, but its a new premises, new offering in Jesmond.


Something Different

Cat and Imogen Watching the Game

Newcastle Eagles Basketball

Trying new thing is part of the fun of creating this family blog. Events that we’d never really thought about often lead to surprising opportunities. The Newcastle Eagles Basketball game certainly captured Imogen and Abigail’s attention. So much so that they have asked to go back again.


Composite door

Our Composite Door

Finally we blogged about our new front door! Boring blog alert!
This was about showing our appreciation to the company that installed them as much as loving our new doors. We no longer have hot and cold running draughts.


What the Hoopers left out from January.

Over January we visited loads of places, that we’re worthy enough for their own blog post. Some items we’re incidental or part of another adventure. So I though’t I’d share a few extras.

My work took me to the Sunderland Empire to install some advertising. One of the fun parts of teh job is that we get to see back stage, usually when there is a show set up. Our last visit saw the stage empty. The Orange Curtain on the left is the back of the safety curtain you see at the interval. With out a stage set in it looks huge and empty.

The Hoopers


We went for a day trip to Durham to visit the Oriental Museum. After this Catherine wanted to look around the shops, while myself and Imogen went off geocaching. But as we walked up towards the Cathedral we were followed by a Morris Dancing musical accompaniment. There is a guy in the walking foliage on the left hand side.

The Hoopers


Geocaching also took us to St Mary’s Lighthouse on New Years Day. Possibly not appropriately dress abigail rocks a tutu at any opportunity. Clambering on to the rocks just off the road to the island is very very slippy. But the danger was worthwhile for this photograph.

The Hoopers


A trip to Ikea will wear anyone out. We’d made one of many journeys to get a desk for Abigail’s Bedroom. She wanted to buy it out of her own Christmas Money. Everything would have gone smoothly if I had picked up the two correct items, instead of two different desks.
Imogen now also had a new desk for her room.The Hoopers


Our last random find is this mural along the Waggonway towards Burradon (I think). I’m not always a fan of graffiti, but there was something cool about the black and white train scene.The Hoopers




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  1. Loved this post guys – esp what you have left out from blogging. LOL at the 2 desk situation!

  2. Ahh love a spot of Geocaching! Love this round up – I need to do more looking back and summing up! So much to write, so little time.

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