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A New Composite Door – Excel North East

We’d been thinking about getting a new Composite door for the last 4 years! It sounds crazy, but our new build house was thrown together and we’re slowly having to replace it’s components. It’s not even that old. My Mam’s house is over 100 years old and her neighbours still have the original front doors. Our house is about 12 years old and we needed to replace it.

Blue front Door

The winter we moved in I’d spotted that there was a slight breeze passing through the side of the door and thought nothing of it. The longer we lived with it the more we noticed how bad it was. There was a huge gap to the side of the door. The sunlight was streaming through the side gap as did the wind. This was one of the reasons that our downstairs rooms were freezing. As you went down stairs it noticeably changed from warm to freezing; at least 5 degrees colder.

Composite Door Prices

We were recommended that many companies, so we chose three. I believe this is the standard quotation option. I didn’t know a lot about composite doors or installing them, but I had heard that they around £800 fitted. With this little bit of info under my hat I was armed ready for buying some doors. To fix our draft issue in one go it seemed logical to replace the front and the back at the same time.

The first price came in at £2,300, a little over our expected budget, but maybe my hearsay price was lies. The next price came in On budget, which was where I was looking to go. The third price didn’t turn up after rearranging the site visit twice. I’ll not name and shame the other two companies as I feel that isn’t fair, but our second price was from Excel North East.

The new front door included a glazed fan-light above the door that I’d totally forgotten about. For some unknown reason, when the original glazed panel was installed the builders thought it a good idea to cover it in black. So I’d never really thought about it as glass!

Our New Composite Door from Excel North East

The way that composite doors seem to work is that you choose lots of options. Firstly there’s door style (modern / traditional, glass / no glass, straight panels / curved panels), I think there is about 40+ styles. Then there is colour, you can have any colour you want, but there are some standard options. Glass options, if you’ve chosen glass there is patterns to choose. Door furniture, what style handle, letterbox, door knocker etc. Finally there are different locking systems too.

The combinations of options gives you the perfect personal choice. We opted for a black door finish, firstly because it was the colour of the original doors on our street, but also its in keeping with everything around it.

Composite front door

Installation Day

I’d been putting off decorating the hallway because I was expecting lots of mess. I imagined smashed plaster and holes to fill etc. In reality I couldn’t have been further away from the truth. There was nothing that stood out as building work after it was installed. Everything was sealed up and neat and tidy. I didn’t even need to hunt out touch up paint to paint in the edges!

Composite Door North East Composite Door North East

The hallway felt different there was natural light, the road noise was muted and there was a lack of breeze passing through. The doors felt more secure, than the previous ones and the keys look very robust too!

Composite door keys

In fact the only time I’d ever seen a key like this was on a high-end vehicle locking kit.

Composite Door Disclaimer

We need to emphasise this! Here Come the Hooper’s are not endorsed by or connected to Excel North East. We’ve not receive a discount to write about our door. We simple felt that if you have work done and are happy about it… Simply tell people! Just like my own business, Excel North East are a family business. And I know it’s nice to hear back from a happy customer.  Apart from repeat customers or further orders, normally once the work is completed and the customer is happy, that’s the end of the journey.

So… Thanks for a great job lads.

And Catherine Loves her huge diamond.

Cat's Diamond


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  1. Looks very smart indeed – my mam has a composite door (and I have her key on my keyring so know what you mean about it being a solid key).

  2. Great write up! I want a new front door!!

  3. We need a new front door in our not-so-old house too so we’ll give these guys a call 🙂

  4. I loved them and you’ve designed them so well. You’ve got a such an eye for detail.

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