Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

Redecorating our Tweens Bedroom

It seems like only the other month that I was decorating Imogen’s bedroom. However it has come around again to do some updating in her room. This time she wanted to drop the purple and go for the “on trend” rose gold and grey.

Her room wasn’t that bad decoration wise. However a couple or cracks had appeared and she’d got a new TV for Christmas. So there was some DIY needed and if your touching up the paint work you may aswell go the full project.

It used to be two shades of purple.

Redecorating Imogen’s Room

If you follow us on facebook you’ll have seen some updates. First task was to remove the cracks in the wall. Then hide them behind wall paper ๐Ÿ™‚

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

Imogen had spotted this geometric wallpaper online and we had to hunt it out. Turns out that is was available at B&M Bargains (ยฃ9 per roll). We were surprised at how much choice there was for wall paper there. The grey she chose was also from there too (Manhattan Grey) by Johnsons Paint. I’ll be honest I hated the paint. It didn’t want to cover the wall. It took 3 coats of paint to get good coverage.

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

She was also constantly looking for accessories to add to the room during the planning process. Things like this Rose Gold lamp and sequin peg board we stock piled for the decorating to end.

Covering up an issue!

There had been another issue in Imogen’s Room. When we did our Ensuite last year, we wanted a “shampoo shelf”. This box was inset into the wall then tiled. The problem occurred when I miss calculated what was the other side of the wall. Instead of in being hidden inside the built in wardrobe void.

It was actually in the middle of a wall that Imogen had had mirrors on.

So to cover it up and say sorry. We got a fake wall added to hide the protruding box. Then added this massive sheet mirror to the wall. It is simply glued to the wall with mirror adhesive. It’s not going to be changed soon!

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

The Tween’s Desk

OMG! This one is a nightmare. We’d entered the slime zone and we’d hoped it had gone. NOPE! This desk was covered in various shades of activated PVA glue. It is in the carpet too, but we’ve not photographed that for you!

The drawers had slime collections in various sized tupperware. But we’ve managed to clean it up and create a space for actually doing homework. It was also moved nearer the door to make the room look a little bit bigger. Which also stopped it being hidden behind the drawer unit next to it for concealed slime production!

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

The Bunkbed is a Double on the bottom and a Single on the top. It is the best bunkbed we’ve ever purchase. It is so useful for all occasions. Grandparents stopping over, the escape the snoring bed and the “I’ve had a nightmare / i’ll sleep in your room” bed.

The Bedding was from Dunelm and is an Emma Willis leopard skin print design. Probably more noticeable on the top photo. It is in Pale pink and grey to match in.

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

Adding Sky Q and a TV

Imogen had had a TV in her room with Freeview. As Christmas drew near we didn’t know what to get her as she wasn’t after anything. And her Nana and Granda were after ideas. So we suggested a TV upgrade. From the 16″12-year-old TV all the way to ultra HD 4K smart 48″ beauty. Then we added a Sky Q mini box as the aerial we’ve got was rubbish.

It’s hooked in to the Netflix account and our sky package, with the kids channels, but she still mainly watches Youtube on it!

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

Another Room Made Over

The redecoration took 4 days. From preparing the rooms, painting the ceiling from purple to white. Covering the wall with 3 coats of grey paint. The skirting boards were finished in White Satin wood. Then finally papering the wall with the chosen design.

Imogen was over the moon, and even Abigail was a little bit jealous.

Decorating a Tweens Bedroom


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  1. I feel tired just looking at all this DIY. Decorating the kids’ room is on the agenda for this year at some point.

    1. ha ha crack on big stevie! sure harry is old enough to help now!

  2. This room is gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚
    bet they love it. Good job well done! even after the hard graft!


  3. I love your decorating posts! that wallpaper is so nice i cant belive how cheap it is!

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