The Brownie Bar, Chillingham Road.

The Brownie Bar Heaton

The year has started and we’re trying to get motivated to do stuff (outside of the house). Weather-wise it’s not helping with the wind and chilly conditions, I’d prefer to sit in front of the TV. So as a compromise we popped out for a little snack on Chillingham Road. Chilli Road has so many dining options now, within a small section of shops there are lots of options. I however was on the hunt for an Instagrammable treat… The Cake Pot!

The Cake Pot at The Brownie Bar.

It hit facebook and Instagram and at first glance I thought it was a milkshake / freakshake.

Picture from The Brownie Bar’s Instagram

The three flavours on display are Nutella and Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange and Creme Egg. My mission was to find the Peanut Butter one. They look amazing!

A Light Lunch at The Brownie Bar

Inside the shop is a casual seating arrangement with some long tables and a few smaller 2 seater high tables. Which create a prefect instagram wall.

The Brownie Bar Heaton

We were also looking for a quick snack and spotted grilled cheese sandwiches, waffles and pancakes on the menu. We joined an older chap with his retired Sheep Dog. He insisted we fed it some treats, which Abigail loved (Imogen not so much).

The Brownie Bar Heaton
Americano with milk on the side

The kids spotted pancakes and didnt need to look any further as that’s what they wanted. What topping? Bacon and Maple Syrup.

The Brownie Bar Heaton
The Brownie Bar Heaton

The bacon was nice and thick crispy slices. Exactly how you would imagine American bacon and pancakes to be. Three pancakes high for £4.50 each.

Catherine picked a tuna mayo, red onion, cheese, and Pesto grilled sandwich (panini), while I was still partially in Christmas mode with a Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Panini. Both were served with salad and coleslaw. Again both priced at £4.50 each.

The Brownie Bar Heaton
The Brownie Bar Heaton

Time to order desserts.

Cake Pot! Cake Pot! Cake Pot…. “We’ve sold out!”

After the photo on Instagram, they had a stock of 300 at Chillingham Road on Friday and by Saturday morning there was only 1 left! Wahhhhh!!!

So we went for some Brownies instead. Abigail spotted the Smores one. Possibly as it was 3 times the height of all the others with the marshmallow topping. Imogen picked Nutella, I filled in the gaps with a triple chocolate brownie and a Lemon Meringue blondie.

The Brownie Bar Heaton

The main draw to The Brownie Bar has to be the Brownies. Their coffee is also pretty good too. The Americano was nice and strong and just how we like it. I was surprised when the grilled cheese sandwiches came with the additional garnishing as I’d only expected very basic. The menu is simple and not too many choices, there is also the addition of Jacket Potatoes, if thats your thing.

Although I was disappoint on missing out on the Cake Pots, we enjoyed our brief lunchtime distraction. It was time to get back to DIY.


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  1. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! NO NO NO! GUTTED!! I am absolutely gutted for you! Hate when this happens to me, damn Instagram and its powers of persuasion! Great excuse to go back and I’m glad you went and got to show us all what they do other than Brownies … I had no idea you could get all this food!

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