DIsney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Passport to Adventure : Disney on Ice

I probably start all Disney based posts with this line… As huge Disney fans we couldn’t resist the chance to go and see Disney on Ice’s current touring show, Passport to Adventure. Last year we went to see Frozen on Ice and loved it. This show was to Feature 4 classic Disney stories and lots of characters. We couldn’t wait!!

The Hoopers at Disney on Ice

One of the things I love about live performance is how the scenery and production all knits together. How the blank empty stage starts to come to life as props appear. Disney on Ice usually pulls together lots of different types of effects. So the first thing I do now is look at the rigging over the ice rink.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure


Fit to Dance Featuring Zootropolis Pre Show

On all the advertising I saw for Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure they mention to get there early. In front of the performance is a pre-show called Fit to Dance featuring Zootropolis. The title kept it quite vague and I didn’t know if the kids would be involved or not.

Three dancers arrive on the ice talking about keeping fit, warming up and keeping moving. With a catchy tune playing Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde enter the arena and join in with a dance / short sketch. By it’s self it wasn’t amazing, but the fact that we’d never seen these characters before in “real life”, was quite fun. Neither of them had skates on and stayed on the rink’s perimeter. They left after about 5 minutes, and it was straight into the mains, Passport to Adventure.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

The Lion King

The Lion King is a huge favourite of mine. The music, the visuals, colours and story all pull together and strike a chord for me. The African influenced music is really rousing. In fact, I’m clearly not alone as the show has been on in London’s West End for 18 years.

As soon as Rafiki comes on you can feel the story unfurling. Nala and Simba both display amazing timing with their choreography too. The cast are joined by Timon and Pumba and tell a cut down version of the story.

Peter Pan

I’m not a Peter Pan fan! There I’ve said it. The story, the characters and possibly the time period aren’t my thing, while Catherine probably likes it for all those reasons. Despite this I couldn’t help capture some of my best moments from the first half of the Show. Peter battles with his Shadow to try and reclaim it.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

With a little faith trust and Pixie Dust, the Darling children are able to fly. There was a little subtlety that made this scene stand out. It was the way that John Darling (kid in the top hat) had his legs positioned. While Peter flew with confidence, John’s legs were splayed a little awkwardly, just like the animation.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

And of course you can’t have Peter Pan without Captain Hook.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure



The Little Mermaid

I remember when The Little Mermaid was released. It was my last year in middle school. The animation marked a change in the style of Disney animation and music. Starting off small and quiet, then building up into a large musical production.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Disney on Ice always have a section where some audience members are invited to ride in an ice boat. During The Little Mermaid, 4 children were invited up and danced around the ice to Under The Sea.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

The beautiful bright fish related costumes kept coming and the set was finished in style.


The last quarter of Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure was dedicated to Frozen. While we saw the full show last year, this one was a cut down version. Featuring all the best bits from the Animation. Many elements looks familiar, while many parts looks different also.

Frozen on Ice is very atmospheric, not only as it is freezing, but with snow falling down it builds up the layers.


Mickey and the Gang.

As always Mickey and the Gang glue the sections together. It’s amazing hearing the noises from the audience when the Fab Five skate out from behind the curtains. All of the Hoopers had a fun night out and Abigail asked if we were coming back next year during the Lion King section!

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Disney on Ice is always a fun production, that covers many different Disney elements. So even if you’re not a fan of one story, the next will pick you up.

It was all going great until we tried to get home! The Main road by the Metro Arena is closed off for safety purposes, which makes sense. I hadn’t realised this at the time and drove towards the Arena… Road closed. I’d committed to drive in so ended up having to park in the Times Square Multi Story Car Park. Not a huge problem as it was at the entrance to the Arena. That is until it’s time to come home. The queue for the Ticket machine was about 20 minutes long. That by itself was bad enough. The big problem was that to drive out of the car park took a further 40 minutes. Which I don’t understand why.

So if your off to See Disney on Ice at the Metro Arena, my advice would be to try and park somewhere else.


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  1. Yeah it was such a fab night wasn’t it. I don’t think I can pick a favourite part – I think it was probably The Little Mermaid.

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