Northumbrian Piper Under New Management

Northumbrian Piper under New Management

We’d heard that the Northumbrian Piper had changed hands and were making changes. This was great news as we used to visit quite often, then it started to go downhill. It had got to a point that we used to visit mainly because of its handy location, not because of anything else. The food had started to have come unappetising. Eventually, enough was enough and we stopped going. Which was a shame as it had great potential.

Northumbrian Piper Pub, Fawdon

With the news of new owners and some friends sending back good reports we decided to go out instead of watch Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. We took the pleasant spring walk from our house down over the Ouseburn. The evening was dry, but the past week of rain seemed to be staying in the ground.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

The first thing we noticed was that the beer garden had been updated and children’s play area removed.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

It’d had been possibly 2 years since our last visit, so I’m not sure how much of the interior is from the new management, the dining area certainly seemed to be fresh.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

Northumbrian Piper Menu

The Northumbrian Piper’s Menu is a basic selection. Burgers, Steaks, and Chicken from the grill. With Mince and Dumplings, Corned beef Pie, Fish and chips, scampi and chips etc. There is nothing wrong with basic as long as it’s done well.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle


We weren’t that hungry when we arrived but felt like we had to try out some starters. So, I chose Chilli and Garlic Tiger Prawns to Share with Catherine, while the Kids shared a plate of Potato Skins.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

Both Starters were well presented. The Prawns were sat in a garlic butter, with a slight hint of chilli. We wolfed down the prawns, then followed up with the bread to mop up the butter sauce. The real surprise was the salad garnish. I’m not sure what the dressing was, but I finished off the salad too.

The potato skins were standard fare. The kids enjoyed them and only left a few “that were too crispy”. I ate those ones! Again the salad garnish was a refreshing side.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

Main Courses at the Northumbrian Piper

We’ll start off with the kid’s meals this time around. They both predictably hunted out Chicken nuggets (goujons) and chips.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

Catherine ordered a curveball option of a corned beef pie, mushy peas, chips, and gravy. The homemade pie was delicious and real comfort food. The chips (as with everyone’s) seemed genuinely handmade. They had a slightly sweet taste to them and weren’t crispy.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

Finally, I opted for the Mixed Grill. Rump Steak, Sausage, Gammon, Mushrooms, Fried Egg, Onion Rings, Chips and a grilled tomato. This was a plate full for a greedy bugger (me). The meal was tasty and pretty much as you see it. Certainly not fancy food, but certainly comfort food.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle

The Northumbrian Piper has definitely improved and our menu selections were miles better than what we have had in the past. With the new set up in place, we’ll definitely be giving the second visit.

There are offers on most nights of the week… Burger Monday, Curry Tuesday, Wine Wednesday etc. Saturdays are Tapas night, on the last Saturday of the Month.

Before we left we asked about the children’s play area and…. yes it will be returning in due course. Though I guess it’ll be more of a summer thing when the rain stops dampening our spirits.

Northumbrian Piper Newcastle


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  1. Oh it looks so much better than it did during our last visit

  2. We stopped going as well, food was awful last time. Could be tempted to try it again. X

  3. Carolanne Richardson David Richardson x

  4. We went for a drink a few months ago n noticed some changes. So glad play area will be back. James loved the old one! It’s a nice walk for us from Kenton

  5. The chips looks mega! Although I do love a crispy chip. Katie

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