Longlox Salon Kids Pamper Party

Longlox Pamper Party

Abigail started talking about her 7th birthday party in the Spring, more or less the day after her 6th Birthday.  A Vue cinema party was the first idea but this was soon changed to Build a Bear, swiftly followed by Clip and Climb, trampolining, and Pizza Hut.  The option of no party instead opting for  £100 to spend at the Metro Centre was also suggested (by her!)   Every week the plan would change and I was sick of hearing about it.  I know from Imogen (now 10) that she really doesn’t have many years of proper parties left so was keen for her to celebrate with her lovely friends.  Abigail had enjoyed some fab parties with her pals over the year ranging from cinema, crafting, discos and science slime parties. When I was a kid it was either McDonalds in South Shields or a tea party in the house.  You didn’t have all these cool options in the 1980’s.

Longlox Birthday Party

Imogen just so happened to be invited to a Longlox pamper party at Christmas and loved it.  Longlox seemed like a great option for a girl who is just beginning to enjoy makeup and hairdos. Abigail was convinced. We had finally settled on a location and the date was set. Phew!  The invitations could go out.

Where is Longlox Salon?

Longlox salon is located in their own unit on Alison Court, just outside of the Metro Centre.  There are a few units nearby including Evans Cycles and Maplins.  There is plenty of free parking outside.  Longlox salon specializes in hair extensions but also has a Decleor Beauty salon, a brow/nail bar. makeup station and tanning booths.  It’s a one-stop shop for all things glam.  Being a low maintenance kinda gal it’s not really a place I would usually frequent, but the surroundings and friendliness of the staff really put us at ease.

Although I can’t see myself ever committing to hair extensions I would certainly be tempted by a Decleor facial in the salon.

Longlox Pamper Party

Longlox Castle

Children’s parties take place in a separate room within the salon which is decorated as Longlox castle.  The minimum number of children is 12 with a maximum of 25.  There’s not an awful lot of room for parents to wait so parents are encouraged to ‘drop off’. The location means they can walk to Starbucks or Krispy Kreme in 5 minutes.

Relaxing at the Party

Alan and I took up a comfy seat with a cup of coffee and I actually managed to read OK magazine in peace.  The girls were all engrossed in the pampering to come out of the room, just popping out to use the loo.


Basic packages start at £12 per child, with various add-ons.  We added a ‘pink cocktail’ and the cold buffet which was an additional £3.  The girls enjoyed:

  • Crazy coloured hair extensions in the colours of their choice
  • Makeup and glitter applied
  • Foot massage in bubbly foot spa
  • Toenails painted in colours of their choice
  • Nails painted in designs & colours of their choice
  • Party games and dancing competitions

Nail Painting


Longlox Makeover

Birthday Cake Time

After a fun time playing games and being pampered it was time for Abigail to blow out her candles and say thank you to her guests.

Abigail's Birthday Cake

Blowing out the Candles

The 1.5 hours had completely whizzed by and the parents were here to collect the girls.  I can honestly say Longlox was one of the most stressfree parties we have ever hosted.  Abigail had a brilliant time and a big thank you to the staff, particularly Tayler who was a natural with the kids.

After the Party

I wonder when she will start banging on about her 8th Birthday party?
I’ll give it a week!


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