Let’s play What’s that Smell? at the Hoopers!!!

Whats that Smell? The party game that stinks

There are some things that become memories that last and I’m sure our recent games night will be one of them. I know that every time we meet up with our friends the story will come out again for at least a year. The story about how Alan hosted a games night and spewed all over the carpet!

Hosting a Games Night with Friends

We had been given a copy of What’s That Smell? to review. Which originally we were going to play as a family and maybe get the kids to do a video of it. Then we spotted the bottom left-hand corner of the box. Ages 14+! Surely there is no reason a scratch and sniff game needs to be 14+? But to be responsible parents I invited over some of our close friends to join in.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

In preparation for the night, I opened the box up and had a quick look through the contents. The box contains 3 bundles of smell cards. However, there is a huge warning sticker on top of them and this is why it is 14+ (I believe). The sticker mentioned a list of chemicals that the cards contain and you should try to not get them on your skin. The sticker also mentioned contacting a poison center/doctor if you feel unwell. You could probably play it as a family, but you would need to make sure that you supervise the actions and know your kids reactions.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

Initially, the cards are sealed shut. You blindly select 1 smell card per player.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

Each player then opens the first fold and places it in a numbered holder.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

To avoid getting any chemicals on your skin you use a cardboard smell releaser to lightly brush the odour area. I’ll emphasise that is lightly brushed, not scratch and surface off like your removing a silver layer looking for 3 matching symbols!

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

Each player then writes down on their game card the smell card number holder. Their guess to the smell. Tick a category of where the smell belongs. Is it Tutti Fruity, Just Plain Stinky! or Spice it up etc! Then you can add a brief memory of when you last smelled that smell.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

Whats that Smell AppAll of this goes on against the clock, controlled via an app or a plain ole simple watch. We chose the app to get the full sensory experience.








What’s That Smell Game Play

We had four players, with 4 smells. Without knowing what to expect we were a little hesitant but managed to get into the game easily.

The beauty of the game is it is so simple. Simple games are the best games. Simply sniff the card, guess the smell, pass it to the left. You continue this around until all 4 players have smelled all 4 smells. Some are nicer than others!

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

In our round, we had Dirty Socks, Floor Cleaner, Fart, and Chewing Gum. Our guesses weren’t that far out or totally crazy. Catherine guesses bubble gum instead of chewing gum, which we allowed. Lee and I both guessed Lime for the floor cleaner, while Catherine guessed toilet cleaner. I thought the Farts were actually leather, but I guess they do come in a variety of densities!

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

The game was going great guns. Everyone was loving the action. Scratch and sniff, recoil at the stench. Until we added the points up and Catherine had won.

This is the point where the night turned a corner. The winner selects a loser to suffer the whiff of shame.

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

The selected loser must take 3 sniffs of the whiff of shame. The other players chose Diaper Blowout to grace nasal cavity. They are not that bad surely!

What's That Smell? Scratch and sniff party game

It’s around this point where we stopped taking photographs and you’ll probably appreciate that. I took the first sniff, it wasn’t pleasant! The second sniff and I felt my tongue lift a little. The third and a little gagging may have happened. All was fine. I suffered my forfeit and we had a laugh.

It was then I had to stage a photo for the blog. By taking the fourth sniff, I’d gone too far. It caught the back of my throat and Bleurgh! I’d glazed myself in a red wine and fruity cocktail punch! A knelt there thinking about what had just happened. I wasn’t feeling ill until it happened. Our friends and Catherine had witnessed a scene from the exorcist and were bent double laughing.

Despite the clearing away of the game also including getting out a bottle of vanish, it certainly was a fun game. It had an element of who dares play it and not all the smells are bad. We’ve embedded memories in our friends about games nights at the Hoopers. What impressed me most of all was that the game actually delivered the punishment. How often have you seen a film that was sold as the best out of the trilogy? The Whiff of Shame actually did leave me with shame!

What’s That Smell? is available from Smyths toys for £15.99, with it’s RRP £24.99

It genuinely is a fun game and not all players would attempt a fourth sniff!


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  1. Haha! Finally a game that engage a different sense – using sense of smell! Some seem disgusting at the start but certainly it’s a hilarious game after a drink or two!

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