Huts in the Hills Northumberland

Glamping in Huts in the Hills & Amazing Star Gazing in Northumberland

Friday night and the sun is setting as we head North to find our accommodation for the night. Catherine had spotted a new venue offering nights in a Shepherd’s Hut four weeks earlier and they looked quirky and fun. All I knew was that the Largest Shepherd’s Hut (The Cheviot) had a main bed-room and a children’s bunk room with a climbing wall inside. We’ve previously done camping and now we’ve moved onto glamping.

Huts In The Hills, Northumberland

Huts in the Hills are based in Prendwick, which is near Whittingham. Which we thought was near to Alnwick. Turns out it’s a good 30 minutes from Alnwick.

Our adventure started when we finished work, took the kids to their after-school clubs. Decided to get some last minute bits at Sainsbury’s Alnwick (en route to the huts). Before we knew it it was after 7 PM and we’d not got much nearer to our weekend experience. The sun was disappearing and the road was twisting and turning. We might have taken a wrong turning, but drove along a track that looked like we’re driven through the front door or a sandstone mansion! But eventually continued onto the Huts In the Hills.

We weren’t sure exactly where to go so located the Farm House and got a message to continue up to the Huts. A Small white wooden sign pointed into the farmyard. Catherine opened a gate and we drove through. We slowly trundled up a stony track and eventually found a sign for a hut… not ours. This was the first of the three the “Dunmore”. So we continued on and spotted another after a lengthy trundle in the car. This was the Hedgehope… not ours. Ours was across the track and up an inclined field. We knew they were spaced out and in the middle of nowhere, but we didn’t realise how separated they were. Our Shepherd Hut was truely in the hills.

We made it. Clambering out of the car we poked our head in to see what it was like. WOW! We were blown away. The setup and styling in these huts are amazing. The attention to detail is second to none. And there is no TV! Before messing the place up we took some photos.

The Main room was the kitchen, dining, bedroom with a glass ceiling over the bed to view the dark skies of Northumberland.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

The kid’s room had a bunk bed, ideal for our two. Though the main attraction was the climbing wall grips on the walls. The kid’s room also had a bucket of toys and books to entertain.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

The bathroom had a large shower with loads of hot water. The shower area is larger than our own ensuite at home. It was separated from the toilet by a large glass screen. The toilet and basin were both very modern. And the finishing touches added some home comforts. Molton Brown soap and hand cream above the sink.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

A Warm Northumbrian Welcome

On the table, as we entered was a basket of fresh produce. Some of which we had ordered with the booking. Instead of lugging the contents of our house along we decided to order a Farm Breakfast Basket (£25 for 2 people for 2 days), which was Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Eggs. Then we also realised that we probably needed to order some other meals too. So added on to the booking Lamb Tagine and Cous Cous, and a Macaroni Cheese. Our fridge and larder cupboards were full.

Alongside all this were 2 large blondies on the table. A loaf of bread, some butter, tea, coffee, hot chocolate (with Marshmallows), salad portions, flatbread, and garlic bread. Some of them came with the meals, but others were part of a welcome pack.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland
Huts in the Hills Northumberland

We didn’t know what to do first. So we all decided to try and stand in the same space. The Cheviot is the Largest Shepherd hut on site, but they are a compact living setup. So we shuffled to kids in their room while we started to cook dinner.

The kitchen was well stocked with everything you would need. Two hobs, a pan, and a kettle were all we needed for our Tagine, which was delicious.

We turned on the Roberts DAB Radio and settled down for the night. The radio became our best friend for the weekend.

Waking up in a Shepherd Hut

Our original relaxing lie in bed concept for the weekend changed when we naturally woke up at 7 am. Our little Hoopsters were chatting and we were feeling peckish. So it was time to start fixing up the Farm Breakfast.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland
Huts in the Hills Northumberland

It was also this moment when we started to see what was around us at the hut. As we’d arrived in the darkness we couldn’t see the views.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

Nothing to see in the distance that would remind you of the bustling town we’d left last night. Total tranquillity to unwind and relax. Just picture sitting out with a nice drink and reading a b…. Oh Yeah! We had the kids with us! There is no chance of any of the above!

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

The sheep did keep them occupied for a while. Watching them scratch their backs against the fences.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

Dark Skies in Northumberland

One of the main attractions at Huts in the Hills is that you can get to do some amazing star gazing. I’d sort of thought I knew what I would see. I’ve stood outside and seen stars before. But the truth was that I’d only seen the brightest stars before. The view was surreal. There were bands of stars sweeping across the sky. Jupiter was passing by our view and totally visible with naked eyes.

Here are some photographs of the stars. However, I’ll quickly say that my night sky photography is rubbish. Just imagine what you could achieve if you were good at it!

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

You can just about see Jupiter on the photo below. Its the bright yellow dot in the trees.

Huts in the Hills Northumberland

Huts in the Hills Review

We’d toyed with Glamping and when it comes to Glamping Northumberland is amazing. This large hut has everything you’d need for a weekend stay, including heat and a fully loaded kitchen. The interior design is beautiful and in its rustic style inspired us for our own redecorations. The small space felt cosy through styling but also was never freezing cold during our stay.

The glass ceiling above the main bed is a huge plus, that when timed to a clear sky is amazing. We managed to get that clear sky on the second night and both lay trying to work out the stars. With so many being visible it was easy to lose the positions of the ones you knew about.

Being detached from city living is a great way to clear your head for a while. I didn’t have any mobile phone signal, but Imogen and Catherine both did. So we were contactable if needed. No TV meant that I didn’t need to make an excuse up why we couldn’t watch Strictly. Instead, we filled that gap listening to the radio. Which we only normally do in the car, but was a nice change.

We all had a fun weekend and have already talked about going back in the summertime, which I’m sure will be booked out if we don’t get onto it.

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  1. I love your photos of the sky and I’m so pleased you had a clear night. I love the idea of ordering home-cooked meals for your arrival too – much less hassle!

  2. Jill Jones avatar
    Jill Jones

    Was this sponsored or not-sponsored?

    1. Hi Jill, This is a not-sponsored post. Which to be fair probably 95% of our review posts aren’t sponsored. We paid for the 2 nights stay, the 2 meals and the breakfast basket.

  3. So glad you loved it, your hut looks beautiful! How perfect is the sky?!!!

  4. This looks and sounds amazing, so want to do something like this with my little two someday (when my youngest actually starts to sleep). It looks so comfortable and I love that you can order in proper food for your arrival too x

  5. That’s something I would lobe to do: glamping in Northumberland. It looks like an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature. 🙂

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