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Make a sweetie selfie

3D printers are the latest in technology, Imogen’s new school even has one in the computer labs. Last weekend, the girls made their own plastic robots at Science at Life’s Maker Faire, which showcased many 3D printers.

The latest pop up concession at Fenwicks Newcastle brings this 3D technology to a whole new level….printing an image onto candy! Now this is something that we had to see for ourselves and we gladly accepted the kind invitation to head down.

Girls in Town

Picking up the excited girls (with their pal Millie) up from school, we headed into Newcastle city centre towards Fenwicks.  The Katje’s Magic Factory popup concession was easy to find, between the amazing Easter egg displays and bakery in the Food Hall.  The stand itself is beautifully decorated in floral garlands, and the bright green packaging matches the garden theme.

We were greeted by friendly staff of Fenwicks, who set the girls off taste testing.  Abigail loved the candy so much she actually licked the paper clean.  Got to love a sticky kid!

Flavours to chose from are:

  • Tasty Tropical Blue
  • Beautiful Blackcurrant
  • Elegant Elderberry
  • Gorgeous Green Apple
  • Luscious Lemon
  • Marvellous Mango
  • Ripe Raspberry
  • Sublime Strawberry

It is worth noting that the Magic Candy Factory is suitable for everyone as the recipe is:

  • Vegan
  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Halal Friendly
  • Kosher Friendly

We loved the selfie wall of fame…and spotted some local celebrities Ant, Dec, Sting and Cheryl. Loved this little local touch. Abigail thought she saw a picture of her Daddy, bottom left, next to Ant, but turns out it was David Beckham.  Quite possibly the only time the two might ever be mistaken for each other!


Katjes Magic Kandy Factory Celebrities

Selfie Time…Smile

The girls took it in turns to have their selfies taken in the VIP section which is roped off.  Trying to get Abigail to look towards a sign was a little tricky but they all managed it, and they chose their flavours.  Abigail and Millie went for Tropical and Imogen Strawberry.  Each candy photo can be topped with:

  • Glitter
  • Fizzy
  • Sour

The girls unanimously went for Magic Glitter spray topping to give it that extra magical touch.

3D Magic Kandy Factory  Katjes Magic Kandy Factory Selfie Sweets

Katjes Magic Kandy Factory

3D Printing Time

Once the selfies were complete, it was time for the printers to get to work.  We watched in awe as they worked their magic and revealed the faces.  The printer took around 5 minutes to complete the finished photo, so not long at all. Our email address were popped into the IPad so we could get a video of the printer in action. We look forward to seeing them when they come through.

The cool glitter spray was applied and the candy’s were boxed up for us to take home.


Sweetie Printer

Katjes Magic Candy Factory Spray

Katjes Magic Kandy Factory Finished sweets

The Magic Candy Factory Experience

The whole candy making experience took around 15 minutes per child, and was fantastic fun. Katje’s Magic Candy Factory is a really cool treat for the kids during the Easter holidays and best of all there’s no need to book.  At £10 per child, it’s a fun experience that they will remember forever. The girls have all took them into school for ‘Show and Tell’ this morning so have resisted tucking straight in.  Catch it at Fenwick’s Food Hall until 23rd April.

Visit their website to find out more details on the Katjes Magic Candy Factory


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