Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

Vujon Indian Restaurant, Newcastle

We were losing a long standing member of staff at Hooper Signs. After around 12 years manning womanning the phones, dealing with accounts and the day to day running of the business. My sister in law had decided to try a new job nearer to home. I could see elements of the reason she wanted to leave and I’m sure working with family would start to bind after a while. So we looked at a meal out to celebrate her new job and Vujon Indian Restaurant in Newcastle was suggested.

I’ve done work for Vujon many years ago, but the business had a different owner then. None of us had ever eaten at the Indian Restaurant before, so it was a leap into the dark for us all. The restaurant had always had a good reputation. It has set out as a gourmet Indian restaurant. Somewhere where you probably wouldn’t get Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala or large rowdy crowds from the nearby pub.

Outside Vujon Newcastle

Before we stepped inside the restaurant we hovered around outside for a few minutes. Firstly half thinking about waiting for everyone to arrive (which I confused my self with this one!). As it was a night light night if was nice to experience the quayside area while it was in a calm.

Down the side of Vujon Indian Restaurant is  King Street. The alley way is filled with a huge set of stairs leading up to the Old Catholic Church. The view to me, is reminiscent of scenes from Harry Potter. So I filled the next few minutes trying to photograph it on my iPhone.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

The view would have been even better if it wasn’t also filled with Newcastle Council wheelie bins!

Vujon Indian Restaurant

The building itself is has a grand feeling to it and is very well presented. The logo on teh window isn’t over powering the nice sandstone facade.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

The interior reminded me of a 5 star hotel! Which sort of sounds daft, but hopefully this photo below illustrates it. The curtains through out the restaurant were perfectly placed. The carpets felt really thick. While the staff were very aware of the attention to detail.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

As I sat down in the reception area, we were about to be asked for drinks. My mind went blank and I’d totally forgotten the name of the lager I would normally have with an Indian meal. Was it Cobra, Tiger or Kingfisher? All of the names sounded right, but one of them is linked with Chinese food!

“Can I have a Lager please?”
“Kingfisher or Cobra?”

I saved myself for looking too foolish.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

Vujon Menu

The Vujon Menu is very in depth and as predicted not a standard offering. “Vujon” according to the menu means “Gourmet Dining”, which is exactly what I was looking for. It’s exciting trying new things and I often try to step away from the safe option.

For a starter I chose Kathi Kebab. The Kathi Kebab is diced roast lamb, cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices, served in a chapati. The presentation reminded me of our meal at the New New Bengal a few months ago. The brightly coloured design in a fruity sauce on the plate.

After the first mouthful, I knew this was a great choice. The meat was so full of flavour. When cutting into the chapati the finely diced lamb would fall out into the dark yellow sauce. It had a slight kick to it, but added a sharpness to the very richly flavoured lamb.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

My main course was Murgh Tikka Jalfrezi. Ok I’ve sort of gone safe here. Tikka spring chicken, cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and onions, served on a sizzler. That’s right it was served on a molten hot iron plate, which bubbled next to me at the table. The waiter spooned out some Jalfrezi onto my plate and set the spoon down on to the dish.

Since blogging just over a year ago I’ve developed a delay step before touching my food. Even the kids are on the same wave length. Must have a photo before the food! So scooping out the first portion although was perfectly acceptable. I was thinking… photo…. photo… photo!!

The Chicken was very tender and soft. Again the dish was very rich and the spice element wasn’t too hot. I don’t think it would have offended anyone who preferred mild dishes.

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

Vujon Toilets

I’ve started to photograph restaurant toilet (ok not all the time). The set up in the toilet can often give you clues as the to attention to detail through out the restaurant. Vujon’s toilets were immaculate. I would happily have this set up installed in my house too. Although Catherine probably wouldn’t be happy with a urinal!

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle


Flaming Sambucca

Claire (my Sister in Law), loves a flaming sambucca. She describes it as drinking medicine and a warming sensation down her throat! As I’d been photographing my dinner and dragging too much attention to it, I was told to photograph the drink. Claire ducked out the way so she was out of the photograph. Which was very hard to imagine would work as she was sitting opposite me. So instead we have a photograph that looks like she is diving for cover just incase the lit shot of drink explodes!

Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

We all thoroughly enjoyed the meal at Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle. The service was attentive, the decoration was 5 star and the food was very tasty.


6 responses to “Vujon Indian Restaurant, Newcastle”

  1. Loving the sound of gourmet Indian!! I’ve walked past this many times and never realised what lay beyond. Will definitely put on the list to try. It’s always good to find a new Indian or Chinese.

  2. Steve and I would love to visit – definitely one for date night I think. Flaming Sambuca’s never end well in my experience……

  3. Definitely, one for us to try. Sam always orders the same thing at an Indian restaurant (Madras) but I like to try new things.

  4. Love to go to this place. The ambiance both in out is amazing. I also love indian food!

  5. That looks fab! It’s a long time since we visited a ‘posh’ Indian restaurant. Must try and remember it’s name for a visit

  6. Ha ha I love that pic of your sister in law ducking out of the way. Food sounds yummy will have to try!

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