Jamie Oliver’s Diner

Jamie Oliver's DIner

After our unsuccessful attempt at getting a table in busy busy Central London, one day earlier. We decided to try again. This time our group had split from 8 people to just the 4 Hoopers. We wandered through the city, via Hamleys and the Girl Guiding Shop. The kids had been on their feet since 8am. It was yet another expedition across London.

Our Morning had seen us in Kensington visiting Kensington Palace and the afternoon was general sight seeing. As we walked passed a load of built up office like buildings I spotted a neon sign, “Jamie’s Diner”. The entrance lead straight to stairs so we couldn’t see if it was busy or not, so we popped in to have a look.

Jamie Olivers Diner

Jamie Oliver’s Diner

As we walked up the stairs we were greeted by a huge Dinosaur looking down on us! The posters on the walls were quirky Dinosaur / pun adverts. Which was pretty cool for a themed restaurant. It reminded me of Restaurant-o-saurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but not as full developed.

Jamie Olivers Diner

So, if there is a theme there must be a back story! Although there isn’t really an official one. Officially the theme is “Jay Jay Burridge has decked out Jamies Oliver’s Diner with his army of Dinersaurs to create a visually amazing restaurant.

Jamie Olivers Diner

My version would be that Mr Oliver set up his Diner on the side of a road that passed by a Jurassic archeological dig site.

Jamie Oliver’s Piccadilly

As we sat down at the table I spotted a sticker in the window. POP UP Restaurant! How cool that we’ve stumbled upon a fresh new pop up venue. Turns out that yes it was a pop up diner 3 years ago As it’s turned out to be successful they’ve continued on and there is another 2 planned. One of which is in America!

Jamie’s Diner Menu

Jamie Olivers Diner Menu

The menu is a “typical” american style diner offering. Burgers, Ribs, Pulled Pork and Steaks. There was nothing on here that you wouldn’t be able to find a favourite. We’d opted to go straight for main meals only.

Cat chose a classic 7oz Burger (with some bacon), which looked lush. The coleslaw style salad to the side was colourful and fresh tasting. I think someone was getting their bonus points from spiralizing this year!

Jamie Olivers Diner

Imogen and Abigail both chose Turkey Twizzlers, I mean Meatballs and spaghetti. We believe that the meatball recipe is the same as the Jamie Oliver cookbook ones.

Jamie Olivers Diner

I went traditional american Diner… Ribs! A plate full or Ribs, topped with curly spring onions. The side of the plate was jammed with chips, while the other side was being spooned my some coleslaw. It was at this point that we realised if you order just a burger, you really need to add a side of fries (if you want them). It’s not often it happens, but it is really annoying. Usually at higher priced venues. When you order the steak, pay extra for some sauce and only get meat and sauce. I think they could have put a hand full of chips with the burgers.

Jamie Olivers Diner

The food was tasty and for London prices it wasn’t expensive. The food was served quickly and efficiently and I must add that the staff were very friendly. Over the 3 years they’ve managed to hone the diner into a polished machine.

Jamies Diner Drinks

On the menu they’ve kept it simple. Jugs of wine, Jamie’s Prosecco, Camden Hells Lager on Draught and Tommys Margarita. They probably offer other options at the bar, but Lager and Wine kept us refreshed.

Jamie Olivers Diner

Around London I had noticed lots of localised lagers being offered. The Science Museum had London Lager,in Kensington and here they had Camden Brewery. All of the lagers were light and flowery and reminded me of Peroni style lager

Jamie Olivers Diner is located 23A Shaftesbury Avenue, London. If your big Vic and Bob fans, the name Shaftesbury Avenue will give you hours of fun. If like Catherine your not that big a fan, then it makes you look like a weirdo.


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  1. WOW – did Cat have a whole litre of red wine??? LOL!

    I think this restaurant looks perfect for us. We took Harry to Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden years ago (before there was one in Newcastle) and really loved it so I am sure we’d enjoy here too.

    I’ve just booked a (child-friendly) Gordon Ramsay restaurant near Hamley’s for the weekend – kids eat free at Gordon’s restaurants so I’m hoping it won’t be too expensive – I’ll report back!
    Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog has also written…Yolo Townhouse Newcastle | A new venue to try for your next girl’s night outMy Profile

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