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Education Quizzes Revision

The weekend has come and our kids are loaded with home work. OK maybe loaded is a little harsh. They both have a piece of homework to do. Abigail is currently getting Maths homework as she’s in Year 1 (KS1). Imogen is bringing home projects that are written assignments, History, Geography or cultural awareness (KS2). We have a routine in our house that usually means that we try to get the homework out of the way on a Friday night if possible. Which leaves the weekend open for fun stuff.

Educational Quizzes and Puzzles of all ages.

Our two are always up for a challenge and one thing we always have to be aware of is Balancing out any gifts we get them. Imogen loves working through a revision work book and gaining recognition for getting answers right.

Abigail loves the idea of getting a new quiz book, but committing pencil to paper to work through it seem to lose the spark. We also found a similar result when she started learning to read in Reception class. The books she brought home although were interesting for Imogen, lost their appeal for Abigail. Eventually we worked out how to engage her in them. They were available as an iPad app. Kids and computers seems to be a recipe for engagement and we caught up with her home reading.

Online Educational Quizzes

One of our friends passed over the details for a website for Educational Quizzes. The Website caters for all stages of children’s educational growth. Everything from Quizzes for Key Stage 1 and Quizzes for Key Stage 2 up to GCSE Revision. All the quizzes have been written by teachers. Access to the website if via a monthly subscription of £9.95, which can be cancelled at any time.

Education Quizzes

This started an A-Ha moment. Maybe Abigail would be more interested in these quizzes as opposed the ones in a book. She climbed up on my knee and together we went through a KS1 Math quiz and an English Spelling one. With 10 multiple choice questions she easily moved through the quiz. When I say easily, 9 out of 10 in the Maths and 4 out of 10 in the spellings. We knew that we need to try harder with her on spellings so this wasn’t a surprise.

Working through these educational quizzes it is not only fun for our kids, its an opportunity to see if they need help in their progress. If we spotted Imogen or Abigail was struggling in a certain subject we have the opportunity to help them. The quizzes on not only test their ability they also reassure our kids that they are on the right track.

Education Quizzes

At £9.95 per month the cost if much cheaper than a tutor and more reusable than a printed test book. Even if they rub out the pencil marks they can see their old answers! So used regularly this site could be great value for money. There are 1000s of quizzes instantly available for all levels of education.

There is also another option that is on offer. If a school decides to sign up to the site they can offer you access to the quizzes. This is a winner in terms of OFSTED scores for the school and depending upon the amount of children in the school may only cost them £2 per year! I already know that our kids school is keen on them using websites for homework.

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