Ice Cream Fun at Cream Curls South Shields

Cream Curls South Shields

What on Earth is going on with this weather? It looked promising that the blue sky would be sunny, but the wind stormed in a made it very very chilly. So our plans for a trip to Cream Curls South Shields went on regardless! Us Hoopers set the goal and run with it!
Ice Cream is good at any time, but Cream Curls offers ice cream with a fresh twist.

What is Cream Curls?

Cream Curls is an Ice Cream Parlour with a difference. Instead of a choice of fresh ice cream from a cold counter display, here it is made to order. Their speciality is Ice Cream Rolls! I had no idea either, but I love a gimmick and had to go with it.

Cream Curls South Shields

Cream Curls Menu

The Cream Curls Menu is quite extensive. Starting at all the options for the custom made curl, to speciality curls, moving on to crepes, waffles, bubble cones and more.
The full Cream Curls Menu is available here.

Abigail went for a custom curl concoction, Imogen (I hate ice cream unless its Mr Whippy) went for a crepe. I went for The American All-Star Signature Roll, washed down with a handfull of Americanos.

Cream Curls Menu

Making the Ice Cream Rolls at Curls

Abigail’s custom choice was Strawberry, Kinder Bueno, Toffee Sauce and Rainbow Sprinkles.
The creation started with 1 strawberry and a Kinder Bueno bar being placed on the freezing ice counter. Both were crushed up / chopped with a pair of spatulas. A portion of cream was added and the magic started to happen. With the speed of a teppanyaki chef, the ingredients were mixed, chopped spread and churned.

Cream Curls South Shields

Slowly it became thicker and more firm. Until the special moment it was scraped into a rectangle.

Cream Curls South Shields

A little bit of sauce was added. Followed by the curling of the ice cream. This is what it’s all about!

Cream Curls South Shields

Abigail’s was topped with rainbow sprinkles.

My American All-Star Curl was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream and M&M’s Peanuts finished with any sauces of your choice and rainbow sprinkles. I chose a Butterscotch sauce and Fudge pieces to be added too.

Presentation wise it was fun, new and different. As most of my family don’t like peanut butter it was even better as I didn’t have to share.

Cream Curls South Shields

Abigail was in her element and had to share it amongst fellow Hoopers at the table. The ice cream is sweet and entertaining. As the ingredients are blended through out the curl, your not getting plain vanilla with a topping.

Cream Curls South Shields

Imogen’s Crepe was topped with Strawberries and Nutella. The portion was huge and she had a good go at it, but we had to help her out towards the end. Plenty of Nutella and a huge crepe that was folded over several times.

Cream Curls South Shields

Cream Curls South Shields Review

Originally our plan was to head to the Curls in Heaton, but we spotted it was a smaller venue and we needed somewhere to sit inside. Luckily we have Cat’s Parents in South Shields.

The shop looks small on the outside, but there are plenty of seats and tables inside. After we made our selections and ordered your placed in a queue (similar to Argos / McDonalds). Baring in mind that the churning / curling process is quite labour intensive the deserts were created relatively quickly. We probably had a 10 minute wait. I’m guessing that the portion of a pot of curls is teh equivalent of 1 large scoop of ice cream, but it looks more as they are stacked up in the cup.

For the 3 deserts and 3 coffees the bill came to £18. Which we felt was good value for what we got. We’ll definitely return, plus they have a huge one on Percy Street Newcastle.

The venue we visited was South Shield branch, 116 Ocean Road, South Sheilds, NE33 2JF
For more details visit


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  1. We had some ice cream like this in Majorca last year and the kids loved it, I found it fascinating to watch them make the curls. It was lush too. I noticed they had opened one near Haymarket so I will have to take the kids soon.

  2. Oooooh we walked past this place last weekend but I didn’t really look inside, was too busy hurrying past before Simon noticed it (he’s an ice-cream addict!) I’ve seen ice-cream places like this in London, the presentation is lovely, nice to have something a bit different!

    Who only likes Mr Whippy!! Get her told!

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