DEAD High Bridge

Exploring the D.E.A.D Bar on High Bridge.

We were invited to the opening night of D.E.A.D on High Bridge, Newcastle. The name which stands for Drop Everything And Drink, gives out a quirky vibe. Externally the bar doesn’t shout out, bar the huge lettering on the windows that shouts BEER! And Beer is what this is all about.

D.E.A.D is part of the Black Storm Brewery group and is their latest addition. Previously testing out the water with the Storm Cellar in Whitley Bay as a venue to sell their own Black Storm Brews alongside guest ales.
This new venue offers Beer, Wine and selection of cocktails.

DEAD High Bridge

Opening night was invite only and it seemed that everyone that was invited turned up. The cosy venue was packed and bustling. Both Catherine and I went along to see what was happening. Instantly falling in love with the Navy Blue walls and copper accents in the lighting. It has a naughty feel, that will evolve into a chilled out cosy venue. I say evolve only because on the opening night it was standing room only (unless you arrived early like us a hogged a table and seats).

DEAD High Bridge

I tried out the Black Storm Limited Edition Pilsner. Catherine went for Red Wine. She’s not a fan of lager, beer or ale, which she was pleased everyone is catered for here.

DEAD High Bridge
DEAD High Bridge

As I started on my second Limited Edition pint (technically making it even more limited), we were brought a tray of nibbles.

The Cheese and meat platter has 4 types of meat and 3 kinds of cheese, including a black cheese. Some chunky bread and butter, fruity chutney and spicy Piccalilli.

DEAD High Bridge

We sat nibbling, drinking and chatting. It was nice to catch up socially with people I’ve worked alongside. Hooper Signs, had produced the vinyl graphics for the signage. Paul from Wonderstuff, had developed the branding. James from Black Storm Brewery had pulled it all together with his team. During the day we’ve got jobs to do, but after hours there’s no rush to stop the banter.

It was relaxing and enjoyable.

As the venue was so busy it was a struggle to photograph the quirky bench seating. I’d have liked to add more photos in here, but it would have been filled with peoples backs and heads and we try not to include too many people in our photo coverage.

DEAD High Bridge

I can see us returning here on a date night soon. More so when I spotted the the arcade machine. Retro Space Invaders, with a waggly joystick and tappy buttons!

DEAD High Bridge

We really enjoyed our night out in here and hope to revisit it soon on a normal night.
For more info about D.E.A.D. visit


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  1. This looks right up our street – Steve Rickelton we should definitely try here on our next night out x

    1. Here Come The Hoopers – Travel, Parenting & Lifestyle Blog it really is. Obvs the street with the best signs too 😉

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