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Disney Magic Cruise Ship & the Shields Ferry

When the Disney Cruise liners started their UK tours in 2016, I did wonder how popular they would be.  After all, the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean aren’t really comparable with the choppy North Sea.  However, the itinerary must have been a success as the liner is back on a 2017 UK tour. The cruise gives visitors the chance to sample the best of UK with their organised excursions, and why not do it on a luxury liner with fantastic Disney entertainment?  I know if I was a US or International tourist it would be right up my street.  Excursions for the North Shields stop include York, Hadrian’s Wall, Alnwick Castle, Newcastle city centre and Holy Island.   Our friend David Wilson from Experience Northumberland tours is heading the Alnwick Garden tree house lunch with Wizard Broomstick Training at the Alnwick Castle. Sounds like great fun with a visit to our very own Harry Potter castle.

Our Disney Cruise Experience

Back in 2015 while in Florida, we had the pleasure of going on a 3 day mini cruise aboard the Disney Dream stopping at Nassau, Bahamas and Disney’s private island Castaway Key.   Honestly we talk about this trip so often it was that good.  From the moment we stepped on board, we tucked into amazing food, watched brilliant entertainment and had some unforgettable experiences.  From feeding rays in the warm Caribbean waters to the bonkers pirate themed night (yes we dressed up and had an inflatable parrot) the trip was amazing.

Disney Dream Castaway Cay

Disney Dream Castaway Cay

Would love to go back, but next time for longer!  I will have to make do with a glimpse at the cruise liner in the Tyne this year.

Shields Ferry

Earlier this year my brother secured his dream job as Skipper of Shields Ferry, and he invited us  on board a special trip to wave off the Disney Magic Cruise ship. Embarking on the ferry at 5.30 for a 6pm sailing the queues had already started to build up.  The special Disney Cruise ferry trip was to raise money for Cash for Kids.   £5 entry for adults and £3 for children.

Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle Disney Magic

The ferry seemed to be packed but once on board it really wasn’t too bad.  We found a good spot on top deck and enjoyed the trip up to see the Cruise ship up close.  Lots of the Disney crew members and passengers gave us a good wave.  I heard lots of kids of the ferry (including our own) say they wish they could be on board.  Don’t we all? Check out the Aqua Dunk the cool water slide on the top! Now that looks like fun. The ferry piped out disney music and one of the Skippers came round dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Not sure who was the biggest kids here?  Spirits were definitely high on the ferry tonight and everyone was snapping away.

Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle

The colours on the ship have been chosen to represent the colours of Mickey Mouse. Traditionally all onboard Life boats are bright orange. Disney actually had to prove to the U.S. Coast Guard that the yellow was as visible in an emergency rescue before they were allowed to use this colour on the life boats.

Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle

The ornate scroll of the front emblem contains loads of hidden Disney characters.

Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle

The tube at the top is a water slide called the Aqua Dunk. It starts with a vertical drop before swirling you around over the side of the ship then back in.

Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle

Bon Voyage Disney Dream

Finally it was time for the Disney Dream to cast off and turn back round and down to the North Sea. It was amazing to see just how many people from both sides of the water had turned out to wave her off.  I’m sure they don’t get this welcome from the more traditional port stops!  The ferry was caught up in the wake of the ship but made for a bit of a choppy few moments which all added to the fun! Back on dry land at around 7.30pm we wobbled off the ferry and headed home.  A brilliant night of North East fun at it’s best.  I hope the visitors had a fantastic time visiting our region and will return. As Mickey would say “See ya real soon” Disney Dream!  Now to get saving to go back…..


Disney Cruise Ship Newcastle

Check out Goofy painting the ships name on the stern of the ship!


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  1. You know that I’m not the biggest Disney fan but this looks fantastic x

  2. I would love to go on this cruise, my sister and I are huge fans of disney and massive fans of cruises so I think it would be right up our street!!

  3. We need more notice of it arriving next time! I keep catching it on social media after it’s happened!

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