Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station & Cutie Stix Refill Packs Review

Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station

The Summer Holidays have literally just started and us parents are rapidly thinking of ideas to fill in the time. I remember what it was like as a youngster myself. There were times of every day being the best day ever followed by days of being so Boooooooored! So when I spotted Cutie Stix listed on the Toys R us website I was straight in to buy them!

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station

So what’s so special about Cutie Stix? Cutie Stix is a craft toy that is used to make bracelets, necklaces, keychains, nail art, customise your phone case and much much more. Our kids love crafting, so I knew it would be a winner in our house.

Cutie Stix cut and Create

In the box comes a Cutie Stix storage station, a Cutie Cutter, a Cutie Corer, a threading station, 2 Mighty Stix, 6 Teeny Stix, and 10 Cutie Stix.

Cutie Stix is like a stick of rock but made from rubber. Each stick has a design all the way through itself. The Cutie cutter is a bit like a guillotine. Cutie Stix is slid into the back of the device and positioned with a wand before cutting. By cutting the sticks into thick or thin sections your able to start building up a design idea.

Cutie Stix Bracelets

Cutie Stix Bracelets

I think that the first craft most kids will make with this kit will be a bracelet. This is simply made by cutting thick sticks of the sticks of your choice. Next you need to core a hole through the centre with the Cutie Corer. You can core through the centre like a donut or through the side to preserve the face of the slices.

These are then threaded onto the threading station. The kit comes with 2 coloured elastic threads to choose from. Simply cut a length of around 150mm and attach a bracelet clip on to one end. Slide the loose thread into the threader. Slide the “beads” off the threader and finish with the other half of the bracelet clip. Simple as that.

Cutie Stix Earrings

Before we’d even bought the kit Imogen said that she wanted to make earrings with the Cutie Stix. So I watched a load of videos on youtube to try and work out how we were going to be able to do this. The hardest part was working out how you attach the slices to your ears. The solution was found in Hobby Craft. You can buy 6 earing studs for £1.00. These are a flat disc with a pin and butterfly clip on the back.

Cutie Stix Earings

Simple cut a thin slice of Cutie Stix and use the included double sided sticky dots to fix the stud to the slice. A super quick and simple craft idea that really had the kids excited to make more. The couldn’t wait to show Catherine the earings that they made.

Cutie Stix Earings

Cutie Stix Earings

Cutie Stix Refills

With two girls blasting through the kit I knew I’d need the refill packs before we even started. My two are speed crafters. Instead of slowly thinking about what they are making, Imogen will try to make 12 in one go.

Cutie Stix Refills

The refill pack are themed around Emojis, Sweet Treats and Animals. Each kit contained 2 Mighty Stix, 3 Teeny Stix and 6 Cutie Stix. Along with a spool of thread and some clips and connectors. I’m not sure why but the obsession with Emojis is beyond me. I get the reason for liking the poo, but a smiley with hearts for eyes??

Cutie Stix Refills

The Refill packs were priced at £4.99 each.

What we thought about Cutie Stix

First off the girls absolutely loved cutting and creating their own jewelry. Although there were moments where the production got a little fiddly. Occasionally the cutie slice would get jammed in the cutter and we needed to shake it out. Even then it was still a usable piece for the bracelets. I think it is one of those things where you learn the knack.

The Cutie Cutter is a mini guillotine and you can see the blade through the clear viewing panels. Safety was obviously a key player in the development of this toy. Which is clear when you start cutting. You can’t touch the blade at all with your fingers. In fact to position the Cutie Stix ready for cutting you need to use a plastic wand to poke it along.

Likewise, with the Coring station, the device won’t plunge unless the front door is clicked shut. So there shouldn’t be any unexpected piercings!

Cutie Stix Cut and Create

If I was to have a little moan it would be about mess! Kids crafting equals mess, but mess also means fun. So I’ll turn a blind eye and then get the hoover out later. All of our main photos were done in our Youtube Studio, but when we’d finished filming Imogen and Abigail continued on the coffee table!

The Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station is available at Argos

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