Deadpool Not a Super Hero

Deadpool is NOT a super hero film!

You may have noticed we go to the cinema quite a lot. This is because we are Vitality Life members and I’ll explain more in a few weeks time, but for now lets just say that it is Life insurance with benefits!


I had managed to miss all the hype behind this film, even though it seemed to be quite eagerly awaited. My friends had mentioned it about a year ago, but on my internet browsing adventures, it seemed to avoid my radar. Even though it is Marvel and Marvel and Disney go hand in hand, it wasn’t even within ear shot of me. That was until “The Great Park Dads Running Team”, went to see The Reverent. This was the first time I’d seen a trailer for the film.

There was something about it that made me think we need to see this. Bare in mind we go to the cinema often and have seen a good selection of turkeys. We’re currently visiting for volume not quality. Deadpool appealed from a couple of reasons. There seem to be an element of Kick Ass / kick Ass 2 in there that turned “super hero” films into almost p**s-take films. There was also a lot of action which combined with humour. All this came from the trailer.

Two weeks later the GPDRT were back at Vue Cinema Cramlington.

Side stepping a little… I was a little thirsty so went to the counter for a Coke Zero, as the queue went down, it turned into a small Coke Zero and a Small salted Popcorn.
“For an extra 50p you can get a Large Popcorn and Large Coke combo deal!”
I’d be crazy not to go for the deal right? With a bucket of popcorn the size of my head and a bucket of fizzy pop almost too large to carry, I was £8.50 lighter in my pocket. So, A small pop corn and coke was £8! Lets look at that differently. Are we suggesting the Coke is £4 and the pop corn is £4? What ever values you place on the snack beverage combo, I can’t help feel robbed.

Back to the Film

The open credits set the scene perfectly, Large big budget slow motion scenes with 3D words slicing across them. The titles though instead of “directed by Tim Miller”, it said things like Directed by Asshats, featuring a CGI character and Starring an Overpaid Tool. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

Super hero films and me haven’t had the best history, I just don’t get most of the Marvel set up. I get Spiderman and Batman as they seem to have a believable story. Wolverine, X-men and Avengers totally lose my interest. For a super hero to work for me, the character need to be real. A back story that makes sense and a power that is achievable. Deadpool, hits all the right notes there and adds another dimension too.

Humour and real references. Deadpool has a sick and twisted dark style of humour. The bizarreness of it just hit the right spot. He says the things your thinking, but to people when you shouldn’t tell them. One character he meets in the film, gets compared to the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Which is where the references comes in. Mentioning music and films that are outside of the “Marvel World”. Again this makes it more real / believable.

Gore and blood! There are lots of it, but not in a horror movie kind of way, even though Deadpool says in the film “This isn’t a super hero film it is a horror!” There is only really one scene where I felt uncomfortable in, which is where he says that line. Without spoiling the film, all I will say is I was holding my breath without realising it!

Deadpool Vue Cinema

Deadpool isn’t really a super hero as such as he’s not running around trying to save the world. Instead his story is that he is after revenge and is focused on catching one person. During the film he is joined by two X-Men style characters (I have no idea if they actually are X-Men or not), who try to guide his path to enlightenment, but in the theme of the film, that isn’t going to happen. A common trend in the Marvel Films is a cameo appearance by Stan Lee, he pops up briefly as a DJ in a lap dancing bar.

If you looking for a good action movie that contains dark humour then this is a must.
After the film I went home and told Catherine “You’ve got to see this you’ll love it”. The next day Catherine heard back that one of the GPDRT had said to his wife “You’ll hate it it’s not your sort of thing at all”. Two polar views from a small group of people. Either way, I’m glad I got to see it and I believe that a sequel has been approved. This time I’ll set my radar to find it as it’s released.


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