Cafe Fish Scarborough

Cafe Fish – Scarborough

Last weekend I packed my bags and headed down to Scarborough for my annual girls weekend. No kids, no responsibilities, plenty of chat and prosecco is the recurring theme of the trip. Our base for the stay is my parents holiday home, Meadowside.  The four bedroomed home is located in the village of Burniston, some 5 miles from the town centre.  Meadowside is really popular and already the summer season is pretty much fully booked.  As the property owners my parents can request to book the home for themselves and take it out of the bookings system.

We always aim to go the end of March, beginning of April as the weather is warming up and they aren’t losing too much in the way of rental income.    I knew that I could do with catching up with some sleep after the previous weekends Brownie camp. Lighter nights mean that we actually get to see a but of Yorkshire too. My Mam followed our weekend stay with a break herself taking along my Nana. If you fancy a break in Yorkshire please do check it out via Yorkshire Cottages.

Cafe Fish

Cafe Fish Scarborough

For the past 3 years or so we have been making a trip to local seafood restaurant Cafe Fish.  The restaurant is right in the town centre, not far from the Grand Hotel.  As we have a pescatarian in our group and everyone eats fish it’s hard to find somewhere to suit everyone. The restaurant is in a former Victorian house with a pretty facade.  Inside the decor is a little on the basic side for the price you pay but clean.

cafe fish fish display

It’s all about the Fish….and the proprietor William.

Cafe Fish Scarborough

No William…

As we headed up the stairs to the bar area there was something missing… William.  Usually, he will perch up a chair in the bar area and take you order but he was no where to be seen.  Where was he? Well it turns out he’s on a holiday and will be back this weekend! William if you are reading this we missed you!

Cafe Fish Menu

Cafe Fish Scarborough

Seated in the Bay window in a spacious table, we got down to the business of ordering.  Previously we had a mixed seafood platter to share which is what we went for again.  Maybe it was the tequilla sunrises or the all day drinking session but I know they involved a salmon pate, and various deep fried fish pieces.  All very tasty!

Cafe Fish Scarborough

For mains, I went for the Mussels and King Prawns in a garlic butter which were delicious.  In our group we had quite a few go for the fish pie and some lobsters.

Cafe Fish Scarborough Cafe Fish Scarborough

Everyone enjoyed the meal, but there was no room for desert.  We settled the bill which came to £30 a head, which seemed reasonable as everyone had enjoyed wine too.

Scarborough Night Life

If you are a serious party go-er then I would say Scarborough is not the destination for a wild weekend.  As we are all Mams ranging from mid 30’s to 40’s it suited us to be honest.  The fact we had been drinking since 12 noon meant that we were happy to head back at 12 midnight! As we headed into the town centre we popped into Blue Lounge (2 jugs for a £10) then the Waterline where a live musician was singing.  I look for different things in a night out now and as we got a seat in both bars I was quite happy! There were a few comedy moments, like losing two of our party at the taxi rank,  but we all headed back and were soon knocking out the zzzzz’s.


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