Lay Z Spa Vegas

Buying a Lay Z Spa Vegas Has Changed Our Lives!

The title says it all and it’s a bit of a wild statement, but it is so true on many levels.

Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzis.

After a recent trip to see our friends in Great Yarmouth, our kids got to experience their Lay Z Spa. I’ll admit I was a “mick” taker and mocked his big fat paddling pool. Another friend we have has one in a summer house… again I mocked him. “I’ve got a new hot tub!”. “No, you have a paddling pool!”. There is no particular reason that I held an irrational hatred for the blowy up heated ponds. To me, a Hot Tub is a deep wooden sided barrel shape that you have to climb up into. A Whirlpool or jacuzzi is a fibreglass/plastic big bathtub with air jets. A Paddling Pool is a blowy up a circle that you fill up from the hose and the kids go crazy in it all summer long.

From nowhere the glimpse of our friend “hot tub” started to grow from a seed to a weed.

“I think we should get a Lay Z Spa!”
“It’ll be good for the kids!”
“It’ll be amazing for the summer as we’re not going abroad!”

Before I knew it a £200 bargain deal from Aldi that was sold out turned into a £360 Lay Z Spa hot tub from Argos. Catherine couldn’t resist the bargain as it was £300 off.

Our Lay Z Spa Vegas

Lay Z Spa Vegas

We installed it on a Sunday morning with relative ease. All the tools you need are in the kit. We bought an additional pack of a ground pad, to protect the base and add a little padding.

Lay Z Spa Vegas

Set up took around 1 hour from unboxing to empty inflated paddling pool.

Setting up Lay Z Spa Vegas Tips and Video.

Next up was to fill the spa with water. This seemed to take a long time as it holds around 800 litres. With so much water inside it also takes a while to heat up and online recommendations say to leave it heating overnight. After 10 hours it was still slightly cool at 19 degrees Celcius. So as we’d invested so much time and effort in to filling it and heating it we need to treat the water with chemicals.

Lay Z Spa Vegas

If you are to leave a Hot Tub outdoors with the same water for any length of time you’ll need to monitor chemical levels and add Chlorine (or a similar chemical like Bromine). This is needed to kill off bacteria in the sitting water. Which is even worse as it’s heated. We know from past experience what happens when you leave a paddling pool out for the summer holidays!

Al the Poolman

It starts to get a little obsessive. Testing the water, adding more chlorine, letting it settle. Adjusting the PH level by adding a different additive. Next up is the filter there is a filter cartridge inside the pool which needs changing daily. We were given some advice that it is possible to hose out the grime and reuse the filters. However, I think that you do need to change them out to fresh ones to get the full cleanliness out of the water.

Lay Z Spa Vegas

So how has the Hot Tub changed my life? Simple I’ve gained a new job to do on a daily basis. I’ve now started pool maintenance. While the kids and Cat are loving the warm water and relaxing moments, usually before I get home from work.

In all seriousness, I’ve only used the Lay Z Spa Vegas about 5 times in the 2 weeks we’ve had it and the water is absolutely lush. As warm as a bath, but with an amazing depth that only your head stick out of the top.

For more details on the hot tub, we bought here is an Amazon link (affiliate)


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  1. I’m loving your hot tub, I find it really funny that you sit out in the garden in your tub! I think I’m with Catherine I’d come round and mock it and then I’d end up getting one!

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