Booking a £2000 holiday to Florida in the Summer School Holidays

Last Minute deal to Florida

I had a theory and I did some research and there was a chance it would be possible.

As a family we love Orlando and Florida, there is something addictive about the country. Is it simply the sunshine and happy holiday feelings? It’s got to be more than that as you’d get the same in Spain. Maybe it’s the food. Or maybe it’s the standard of quality we’ve previously experienced. Whatever it is we were desperate to go back.

Late Bookings can mean good deals!

I wrote a blog post with some top tips on booking a late holiday to get a good deal.

So to keep it fair I did a price search back in May for a Resort in the Lake Buena Vista Area of Orlando. The price came back as £5314.

As of the beginning of July, the same resort was £700 cheaper. Not to mention there is another £100 off if you use the discount code LH100.

Booking a Last minute Holiday

So at £4500 I still felt it was a little pricey for what I was looking for. So Catherine got a price from a Travel agent for 11 days in Benidorm (All Inclusive). Admittedly it is a totally different setup and offers, but the price was £3600. This is probably a really good price, but I still would prefer to go to Florida.

The Top Secret Bonus Deal

We’re really lucky being based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We have our own local airport which fly directly to Orlando (Sanford). We’re also not too far from Manchester, which has more airlines flying to Orlando. Yet in all the years we’ve gone to the states I never thought about looking north! Glasgow Airport also flies to Orlando. The BIG secret is that Scotlands Summer School holidays aren’t at the same time as Englands School holidays. They are offset by 2 weeks… Perfect!

So we searched again this time flying from Glasgow. Which made a huge price difference. This time I decided to look at the cheapest options.

Booking a Last minute Holiday

When we were booking / looking for deals The Rosen Inn International Drive came out at £2166 for 4 people, flights, hotel and car hire. My mind was blown. Add the LH100 discount code and you’re down to £2066! This was exactly what sort of deal I was looking for, but not the area I wanted to be. So a few more click s down the list and we found a hotel at Lake Buena Vista for £2231.60

For a true comparison, the same holiday flying from Newcastle would have cost £3843. Over £1500 to travel 3 hours North! It’s crazy, but what could that save money go towards instead.

Needless to say, we’re booked and are starting to plan our Summer holiday that is just over 6 weeks away.



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