UK Blog Awards 2017

We’ve been nominated for the UK Blog Awards

I’ll say it again in smaller text… We have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards in the Parenting category.

Here Come The Hoopers

Back at the beginning of January 2016, Catherine and I thought it would be fun to document our experiences with the kids. After all we’ve got loads of photographs that we’ve taken, but never quite found a use for them beyond storing them on a computer. It was time to do something productive that would be fun for both us as parent to create, but also for our children to embrace!

Oh yes, since we started the blog our 2 daughters are as much involved in the programming as we are. Plus they look much cuter than we do. We were already an active, go outdoorsy family, but this project has become the catalyst to do more. If you’ve followed us for the full blog you will have seen that it seems that we don’t sit still. We do actually, have time off, but we schedule our fun around Imogen and Abigail’s lives. The homework, spellings, reading and gym clubs do intertwine with the geocaching, running, cooking, eating out, museums, site seeing and trips away though.

Kids and Pumpkins

We would really appreciate your vote to push us into the next round of the judging process.

Simply visit

and follow the simple voting form.

Being nominated is a huge achievement for us even if we don’t pass through into the next round.

Thanks in advance.


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