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  • Arbeia roman fort South Shields

    Arbeia Roman Fort – South Shields

    I have vague recollections from my own childhood of coming to the Arbeia Roman Fort with my Dad and little brother.  I can remember climbing the steps of the reconstructed Fort.  It was great fun to look out over the River Tyne across to North Shields.  Until recently due to my parents relocation,  I knew […]

  • Lambton Worm Customs House

    Lambton Worm Customs House

    At the end of the brilliant performance of Jack & the Beanstalk the cast announced that 2017’s Custom’s House production would be the Lambton Worm.   We were intrigued and loved the idea of the Customs House re-telling a local legend in their own unique way. I’ll admit my knowledge of this legend goes as far […]

  • The Word South Shields

    The Word – South Shields

    Libraries have had a lot of bad press in the last few years.  Local authorities all over the country are closing branches and slashing opening hours.  Close to home, our own Gosforth library has seen opening times reduced, despite the protests of the local community.   In tough economic times big decisions have to be made […]

  • Jason Cooks Comedy Club

    Jason Cook’s Comedy Club

    Comedy can be hit or miss at times, and believe it or not, not everyone likes it! Or so I found out when I tried to organise a Works night out a few years ago! Alan: I’m trying to organise a night to [insert closed down comedy club here] and I’m looking for numbers. Dave, what do you […]

  • Can Can Karaoke Bar South Shields


    Can Can Bar – South Shields

    It was nearly the end of the long Easter weekend. Sunday night running onto the Bank Holiday Monday and we had been invited for Sunday lunch and Dinner at Catherine’s parents in South Shields. We decided to stop over the night as it meant I could have a glass of wine. I’m not usually much […]

  • Northumbria Treasure Trails

    South Shields and the Dancing Sand – Treasure Trail

    After Completing a Durham City Treasure Trail we recently bought at a Christmas market, we went online and bought two more. Our new years resolution was to get out and about more often and try and engage the kids with the great outdoors. It’s not always been that easy considering the amount of rain we’ve […]