South Tyneside Comedy Festival Launch Night

South Tyneside Comedy Festival

Sometimes it feels like we fall into a comfortable spot and return to it time after time. Saturday night marked the opening night of the South Tyneside Comedy Festival. The opening event was Cook and Ramsey: Mucking About at the Customs House. So, as I say we return to what we love. Firstly Jason Cook, then Chris Ramsey, but also in the Customs House.

South Tyneside Comedy Festival Launch Night

Cook & Ramsey Mucking about

Jason Cook and Chris Ramsey as stand alone comedians are a hilarious night out. Add the two together and it is amazing. The pair came on stage and sat on a black 2 seater sofa and everything was unfurled from that point. The gig wasn’t scripted and had the feel of sharing a front room with the pair. They shared tales from their childhood and current issues they were having. As with a lot of improvised comedy, the night can sometime hinge on one moment. Usually the spin off from asking an audience member about their job. Tonight they discovered something a little special!

Chris had spiralled into a Victor Meldrew style rant about his recycling bin. How the council had refused to take the contents as it wasn’t recyclable. Then as the topic was opened up to the audience we find out that “Lauren” in the front row, recycled a tropical fish tank in her bin. Chris and Jason kept probing to get the full story out of her and when it came it was comedy gold.

Lauren, had decided that she didn’t have the time to look after her 4 Gold fish (which she got from South Shields Pleasure beach). To give them the best chance in life she felt the best course of action was to relocate them. So she scooped them up in a packed lunch box and released them into Marine Park’s boating lake. Now, part of the humour you had to be there, but the bizarre situation that had been set up was like adding fireworks onto a bonfire. Every story from this point on rotated to include reference to the now mutant Gold Fish.

Comedy is so subjective and I generally have a good night, but it’s not often I actually audibly laugh. Cook and Ramsey are the exception.

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think that the Customs House is a brilliant venue. It has a modern set up that is comfortable. The Seating has plenty of leg room and every seat that we’ve had has had a great view of the stage. The building is a little quirky with its historical background, but has been adapted to make the most of its space. As the half time interval, I took a little walk over the glass Miliband Bridge that connects the theatre to the function room. I spotted this strange little white addition to the building. No idea what it is for, but it was blocked up with netting at the face?!?!

Customs House

South Tyneside Comedy Festival

The South Tyneside Comedy Festival runs from 1st July to 6th August. Over the 5 weeks many comedians including Pete Firman, Rory Bremner, Steffen Peddie, Sarah Millican, Alfie Joey and the return of the Geordie Rat Pack will be at the Customs House, South Shields.

For all the latest information and details on tickets visit for more inforomation


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  1. Everyone I know has been talking about Lauren and her fish! Sounds like a great night was had by all.

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