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  • Now You See Me 2

    Now You See Me 2

    Back in 2013 Catherine and me went on a date night to the Odeon in the Metro Centre. Generally our experience of the cinema had been a shrug and “yeah, it was alright”. So to set this date night on the right track we upgraded our seats to the Gallery and trough-ed lots of sweets, […]

  • Northumberlandia


    Although “The Lady of the North” has been open for a couple of years now, I’d never actually been to the sculpture. This is one of the reasons for blogging, to changing my view point and spend time exploring what we have here. I have travelled past the construction of it on a regular basis […]

  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book

    Nearly 50 years ago, Walt Disney released the original animated version of the Jungle Book. Inspired by the book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling. The was also the last animated film that Walt Disney himself produced. Obviously I can’t remember the original release, but I can remember my Mum taking me to see a […]

  • Eddie the Eagle

    Eddie the Eagle

    The last time my Mum had been to the cinema was nearly 20 years ago. My Dad had taken her to see Titanic on the big screen. It was a big event that my Dad was clearly looking forward to as he was the kind of person who’d wait “until it was on the tv […]

  • Clip n Climb Cramlington

    Clip n Climb Cramlington Again!

    Catherine had taken the kids to Clip n Climb Cramlington a few months ago as part of a Rainbows trip. For the Rainbows visit the centre was booked out as a private hire. Both Abigail and Imogen loved it and were desperate to go back. So we needed no persuasion to go back, when our […]

  • Clip n Climb Cramlington

    Clip n Climb Cramlington

    We needed to be up dressed and ready for our date with the Rainbows at Clip n Climb Cramlington, our newly opened local climbing wall at Concordia Leisure centre in Cramlington for 9.30am.  No time for lounging around!! One day I’m sure I will get one of those Sunday mornings you see people enjoy on the telly… […]