Rosemary Chicken Bake with vegetables

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

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In these uncertain times using up stock cupboard ingredients has never been more important. We have been urged to shop only for the essentials, but still want tasty home-cooked food that is nourishing for all the family. We were approached by Aldi to create a go-to recipe to celebrate Stop Food Waste Day (29th April 2020) and after taking a look in the fridge Rosemary Chicken Bake seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

The recipe is ideal as you can use any type of meat/fish and any vegetables to have to use up! For this recipe, I have gone with chicken thighs which seem to be well in stock in supermarkets as well as being a budget-friendly option for those watching the purse strings.

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

As we have lots of time on our hands there is less of a rush for ‘meals in a moment’ as we attempt to eat quickly after work and school. One of the positives of lockdown has been that we do have time to cook things more slowly in the oven to ensure maximum flavours are released into the cooking process. You’ll also love the Meditteranean seasoning from the garlic, lemon & rosemary. We might not be able to soak up the Spanish sun at the moment but we can bring the taste of continental Europe to Newcastle!


4 chicken thighs, on-the-bone, skin on
3 parsnips
3 carrots
4 medium potatoes (I had a mix of red-skinned and sweet potatoes to use up)
1 red onion
Garlic-infused olive oil
Lemon juice (fresh or bottled will work if you don’t have any in)
Salt and pepper
Rosemary (fresh or dried) Ours came from the garden!

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

Recipe for Rosemary Chicken Bake

Preheat your oven to 200C / 180C (fan).

Prepare all the veg by peeling your parsnips. There’s no need to peel your carrots or potatoes just give them a wash! Next, chop your carrots into 2cm chunks, cut the parsnips in half if they’re not too chunky and chop your potatoes into quarters.

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

Grab a baking tray and generously drizzle garlic-infused olive oil all over it. Place your chicken thighs onto the tray and season with salt and pepper. Turn them over a few times to ensure they’re totally covered in the oil and season once more with salt and pepper, leaving them skin-side up.

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

Add all of your chopped veg to the tray surrounding the chicken. Toss them around on the tray a little so they’re also covered in the garlic olive oil. Lastly, drizzle a little oil over everything to ensure everything is nicely covered. Give a squeeze of lemon over the dish.

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

Pop your baking tray into the preheated oven for 55 minutes.

After 30 minutes, remove the tray from the oven. Leave the chicken, but turn all of the vegetables over and place back in the oven for another 25 minutes, or until the chicken skin is crisp and golden.

Left Overs recipe ideas - Rosemary Chicken bake

Final Verdict

The whole meal took around an hour and a half from prep to being served on the table which allows for optimum laziness from the chef! The girls wolfed it down & the dish fulfilled the brief by making a delicious meal out of those vegetables lingering in the back of our fridge. I really like traybake style dinners as we are all a fan of roasted veg and the lack of pans to wash up at the end is always a winner!

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