It was Lunchtime on Thursday of the School holidays and we were looking for a light snack / cake and some drinks, before we set off on our Banks of the Tyne Treasure Trail. We’d heard a lot about The Great British Cupcakery, so we headed over. People were spilling out on to the streets and the milkshakes  looked awesome. The Problem was we hadn’t booked a seat or table. Well we had looked into booking and the afternoon tea there looks amazing, but at £20 per person for two families of 4, we felt £160 was a little steep for a light snack. Definitely an option for a special tea for two afternoon.

Quay Ingredient

We headed across the road, to Quay Ingredient. Cat had heard great things about this place and it was very inviting from the outside.

Quay Ingredient

Inside it is very small with probably around five or six tables and a sit up counter. Imogen and Mollie chose to perch at the counter, while we adjusted the seating to fit the remaining gang around a table. Abigail loved the oversized champagne cork stool.

Drinks only!

Catherine insisted that we were only having a coffee break as we’d planned on a large meal tonight at Za Za Bazaar. Then I skimmed down the menu and spotted a bacon and cheese toasted croissant. Imogen shared a flap jack with her sister while sipping on a coke from a glass bottle.
Chris and Emily opted for a Ham and Cheese toastie, the croissant made the snack too exotic for him!

Our coffees were served black and strong with a little tiny milk bottle. It was a very welcome coffee and definitely perked us up for the afternoons hike.


The hot food arrives served on a wooden chopping board. As you can see there was lots of rocket salad on the Croissant… Which I totally love that bitter bite you get with the leaves. This was a perfect to nibble on over a coffee. Catherine had to try a little corner, despite the no food policy!

Bacon and Cheese Croissant

Chris’s Ham and Cheese Toastie was served on a chopping board in the shape of a chopper! Essentially the same as mine, but with different bread and less rocket leaves. Which suits him down to the ground. If you ask Chris about salad he will tell you that it’s disgusting as Animals will have we’d all over it and it is not going in his mouth after that!

Ham and Cheese Toastie

Even though that this venue was an after thought from our lack of foresight, I’m glad we tried it out. It is definitely up there for light snacks and coffee. I’m very tempted to go back for an avocado sandwich they had on the menu. I would have ordered it if it hadn’t been “no food policy day”!


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