PIzzastorm Newcastle

Pizzastorm – Greys Quarter, Newcastle

My eyes are opened nearly every time I go into Newcastle’s Town centre. Normally for good reasons. We’d headed into Eldon Square to get some new glasses. Don’t worry I did go to Spec Savers. Although I was surprised to see that Vision Express is next door with an almost identical glass shop front. Are they hoping for a little bit of vision impaired customer swapping?

Anyway after my appointment Cat suggested we had a quick look around the Greys Quarter. My eyes were opened! Who knew that there was a new section of eateries inside Eldon Square? Not me! The “Greys Quarter” has lots of options to choose from and I’m now looking forward to trying a few out. Cat had cooked a Shepherds Pie for dinner so we really couldn’t go out for a meal…

Pizzastorm Newcastle

Did someone say Pizza? OK maybe we could have a slice or two before our evening meal. Again my eyes were opened.

Cat: Have you not heard about this place. It’s got cooked to order pizza in 180 seconds!

Pizza in a minute! We just had to try it out. We chose to have one pizza to share as we were heading home for dinner. As usual the children lead the way with the choice of toppings, as we’ll eat almost anything, but the kids would twist.


Craft Your Own Pizza

The set up is a cross between subway and a “conveyor belt”, although there is no rubber belt-age involved. The Dough is squeezed into a base with a special press. The pizza base that comes out has a small lip on the edged.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

Next you start to move along the toppings options. Sauce and Cheeses. We opted for the standard tomato base with a sprinkling of Mozzarella. Mozzarella is the king of all cheeses (in my mind), the texture and stringiness gives it the crown.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

Cat jumped in on the next topping section with a request for sweetcorn.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

The next section had Jalepenos, mushrooms, garlic and eggs. Imogen chose Pineapple. I could see where this pizza was heading… the meat options.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

Abigail requested the Ham and before we knew it the toppings were complete for our Hawaiian pizza with sweetcorn. There isn’t a limit on the amount of toppings you choose, but I had had it on good authority from a pizza man I know, that 3 or 4 toppings gives you a crispy pizza. So that is where we left it.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

We paid for our pizza (and refill drink), and it was placed into the oven.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

I went to get a seat and find a table. By the time Catherine had filled up the drink and sat down, she thought she’d heard our pizza was done. So I went to hover around the counter and it was. The pizza must have been cooked in the 3 minute promise!

Pizza Storm Newcastle

The Pizza Judges

The Hawaiian was sliced into 8. The kids battled over which slice they wanted. Imogen loves Pineapple, Abigail doesn’t. We were ready for what ever was left.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

I can honestly say that I felt it was one of the best pizzas I have had. With a very thin and crispy base it was evenly cooked. The tomato sauce hadn’t caused the base to be soggy. The Mozzarella had turned stringy enough to keep its crown.

Pizza Storm Newcastle

Pizza Storm Newcastle

My eyes were opened for the third time since the ophthalmic appraisal. As their slogan says “Your Pizza Fast”. It certainly was.

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6 responses to “Pizzastorm – Greys Quarter, Newcastle”

  1. I am slowly working my way round Grey’s Quarter and have heard so many great things about Pizzastorm, it’s definitely next on my list to try!

    Love how happy the kids look!

  2. We went to grey’s quarter for the first time on Thursday and it’s looking great. Mark is desperate to try pizza storm out. Love that you had pizza as a snack before tea!

  3. Tried this yesterday after reading your blog!! Delicious!!! ??? xXx

    1. Eee that’s great! What toppings did you go for?

    2. Here Come The Hoopers Mr B went pepperoni, and I went plain cheese, stickler for a classic ha ha!! (Also, can’t always cope with the millions of questions in a create your own scenario ha ha ha!!!) ???

    3. Claire Bly the choice is a bit mind blowing!!

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