Pizza Express Kids Party

Pizza Express Party – Gosforth High Street

It’s the end of term-woo hoo! It must be time for the long anticipated Pizza Express Party.

Wow can’t quite believe we have made it to the end of the school year with 8 weeks off from weekly Guiding meetings.  I’m definitely ready for the break to recharge and have some exciting ideas for September.  Still can’t quite believe I’ve now got 2 years of guide leading under my belt – it’s gone in a flash!

Not to be too boastful but my confidence to run the units (along with my awesome Assistant Leaders Jo and Victoria) has really grown this year and I have crazily accepted the challenge of organising our first Brownie pack holiday in March.  We have taken the girls on more trips than ever before (Clip and Climb, Gosforth Wildlife Trust, Disney on Ice included), attempted baking using the oven! and have a good supply of campfire songs under our belt. My original 5-year-old Rainbows who joined back in September 2014 are now leaving and all heading to Brownies so I consider that a good job is done!

Pizza Express Party

To celebrate the end of term, we decided to book in for a Pizza making night at our local branch of Pizza Express Restaurant on Gosforth High Street.  The restaurant was refurbished back in 2015 and has local artwork which is inspired by the Tyne Bridges and the Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant is a Gosforth native).

The cost of a standard pizza making party is £11.95 per child. But as we are booking en masse the manager agreed to  £10 per child and a 25% discount to the adult’s food.

The price includes:

A starter of dough balls served with a fresh veg salad

A full adults size classic pizza with any toppings that the children decide to put on.

A dessert of vanilla ice-cream and choice of chocolate or fruit sauce

Two party hosts who will be dedicated to the party only

A pizzaiolo who will show the children how to create a perfect pizza and will do some dough tossing tricks with those who would like to.

Unlimited drink of cordial (blackcurrant & apple, orange, lime)

Disposable hat and apron, stickers to decorate the hat

Junior pizzaiolos certificates for each child,

A balloon to take home.

Pizza Express Party Time

Pizza Express Party Tables

The places were all set out upon arrival with a hat (numbered) apron and sticker sheet.  The girls set about going crazy with the stickers and the waiter John was fantastic keeping them topped up with cordial.

Soon it was time for the dough balls and veg which were quickly wolfed down.

PIzza Express Party Flour

Next came the messy part-the pizza making. Into a pile of flour, the girls were each given a mound of pizza dough and shown how to mould it out and give it a toss! lots of fun.

Pizza Express Party Dough

Pizza Express party Pizza Flattening

The Kids were given a portion of Tomato sauce to spread as they wished on to the pizza base.

Pizza Express Party Tomato

Next up was as many toppings as the wanted. There was a choice of Olives, Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Chicken and a selection of vegetable (inc peppers).

Pizza Express Party Toppings

Each pizza was then taken away and set up in a rack to try to keep the correct pizza with the correct child. Each child had been given a number on their hat, which then related to the order their pizza had gone in the oven. Which is a logistical nightmare with 40 children!

Pizza Express Party Oven

The full-size pizza was wolfed down as quick as they made it. We were hoping for a takeaway box of leftovers, but Abigail finished hers up. Imogen sneaked me a slice!

Pizza Express Party Pizza All Gone

Overall the Rainbows and Brownies loved the pizza party. It was something a little different and made for a fun way to end the year. We were that impressed that we’re thinking of persuading Imogen to have her birthday here. It was the party and food issue solved in one go!
We’d like to thank the staff for a fantastic job. We know there was a huge clearing up operation after we left as flour was all over the floor (I think that’s usual for a party though!).


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  1. This looks very cool – I bet the kids loved it 😀

  2. Looks like the kids had a great time. And I’m impressed with the amount of kids you took!

  3. I hope everyone remembers this when they are nominating me for an OBE ha ha

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