Pirates Adventure Mallorca

Pirate Adventure Dinner Show – Magaluf – Majorca

On the first morning at the Fergus Style Pollensa Park we decided to track down the Thomas Cook rep, as I fancied booking a sightseeing / shopping trip to Palma and Alan wanted to book the Pirates Adventure dinner show. The Pirate show had come highly recommended by our neighbour Lizzy who’d been a holiday rep on the island in a former career. She was not alone in raving over it as none other than the Rednapps, Michelle Keegan, Mark Wright and Louis Smith (who must have been on a break from Rio Olympic training) all loved it according to the blurb on the leaflet! Guess they weren’t paying for it though!!

Paying up

Rose, our rep was in situ and explained the dates and prices. For the Pirate show there are 3 pricing options the Main Deck, Quarter Deck and the VIP Captains Table. We chose the cheapest option, the main deck and at €77 per adult and €54 for children it definitely wasn’t cheap but considering the resort was over an hour away and included travel it seemed OK. This included dinner and all you can drink sangria, lager and soft drinks. The main difference in the decks was the proximity to the stage and Rose said the closer to the stage the more interaction with the children. The kids aren’t massively into getting up on stage and characters so they wouldn’t miss this!

As this was Sunday we booked the Thursday showing as we figured we might fancy a night away from the resort’s restaurant with the nice, but quite repetitive evening meals. We were told that the bus would collect us at 4.20pm and would arrive back around 10pm so it was quite a long night.

Waiting for the Pirate Adventure Bus

Pirate Time

Safely on board our pirate vessel aka the coach we headed down to Magaluf on the South side of the island, making a few stops en route to pick up more tourists. The rep onboard tried her best to get us the mood with a pirate quiz. The bus crew wasn’t really feeling it though maybe if she’d tried it on the way back to the resort after the night of unlimited booze she might have met with a more enthusiastic response!

We pulled up to the purpose built theatre which was heaving with various coaches pulling in. One of the pirate staff who introduced himself as ‘Dirtbag Doug’ came aboard and asked us if we wanted to swap 5 gold doubloons (€5 in real money) for a programme. Good sales tactic!

Pirates Adventure Bus

Once inside we found our table which was a booth really close to the stage.

Pirates Adventure Mallorca

We started pouring out the sangria and water which was already on the table, only we find out the booth was to seat another couple a mother and daughter. It really was a squish once they were seated and we needed to ask for more glasses as we’d used theirs oops! They pack people in tight in this theatre and the place was heaving definitely a sell out show!

Pirates Adventure Theatre

Soon after the dinner arrived which in all the chaos we forgot to photograph. It was quite a basic affair consisting of a half chicken, chips, a sausage and a bread roll. It was all pretty tasty though and the kids portions were the same as adults, so we both had a bit more of their roast chicken.

Pirate Pudding


Pirate Adventure Boat

Dinner finished and ice cream pots doled out it was time for the action to begin. Each section of the theatre was split up four ways each with a captain to cheer on: Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Barbarossa and Captain Scarlett. Sir Francis was our captain and he jee’d up the crowd and amidst all the swashbuckling was happy to sign Imogen’s programme. The stage setting was really impressive with a replica pirate ship, fake shop fascias for the tavern and a large screen projecting images.

Pirates Adventure Mallorca

The lights dimmed to pitch black and the main show started. The basic premise was that the ship had been taken over by an evil captain whose name escapes me (sangria was kicking in) and the 4 captains had to work together to defeat him. In true panto style there was plenty of booing and cheering and a pretty funny dame who had lots of innuendos and plenty of jokes to intersperse the acrobatics.

Pirates Adventure Mallorca

Don’t want to give away too many spoilers but the acrobatics and gymnastics were fantastic. Imogen is massively into gymnastics as her hobby and was enthralled by the flips, cartwheels and balancing tricks. The fire jugglers and aerial acrobats, who defied gravity were all impressive too. The show lasted around 2 hours with a quick 15 minute interval and by the end the kids were flagging.

Safely back on the bus, we arrived back at the Fergus Style Pollensa park around 10pm and safe to say we crashed out pretty quickly.

To visit the official website visit http://www.piratesadventure.com/



2 responses to “Pirate Adventure Dinner Show – Magaluf – Majorca”

  1. YIKES – I’ve honestly never paid to go to one of these shows as think they are just fake and a rip off! I’d much rather buy a bottle of local wine and sit on the beach 🙂 It would cost us a massive 316 euros which is around £270!! For the cheapest seats! Ahhhh! That makes my eyes water!

    Pleased the food was ok though and I hope you made the most of the sangria 😀

    1. It was really expensive and on balance i don’t think we would bother again.

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