Pikku Gosforth

Pikku Gosforth

On Thursday last week, I sacked off the housework (like I need an excuse?) and had a lovely morning unleashing my inner Vidal Sassoon at a hair plaiting and curling lesson at Pikku Gosforth.

Pikku Gosforth

Pikku spans two floors.  The downstairs contains the children’s clothing boutique, which stocks cool Scandinavian and continental brands and upstairs you will find a light and airy children’s hair salon. I was familiar with their popular ‘Pamper Me’ parties as a few months ago Imogen attended one for a friends 8th birthday. She absolutely loved it and kept her love heart plait in for a week!

Minna the owner of the shop who is originally from Finland (‘Pikku actually means little one in Finnish’) welcomed us and explained her idea to create a high-end store with unusual clothes and combining it with the children’s salon. Many children find getting their hair cut stressful so the iPads, funky car seats and balloon at the end all make the child feel like it’s a fun experience, not to be dreaded, which help their parents to relax too!

Pikku Hair Salon

Pikku has adapted to the needs of their customers and now has a salon chair downstairs for parents or children with mobility problems or parents with babies in prams. The staff have also recently attended autism training, which I think is to be applauded! Minna has plans to expand into Northumberland with a second store and will increase the range of styling lessons aimed at the hard to please ‘tweens and teens so they can learn to do their own hair dos.

Hair Plaiting Lesson

Pikku Hair Styling Lesson

It was soon time to get cracking with the serious business of learning to plait! Laura, one of the stylist at Pikku Gosforth made it look so easy and was a fantastic and patient teacher. I found my training mannequin to be uncomplaining and quiet, unlike my own girls, and she didn’t moan when I tugged at her hair!

Pikku Hair Plaiting

After some practice, I was doing ok with the French plait. However, when we moved onto the Dutch plait, an inside-out French plait, I was completely flummoxed! Maybe I hadn’t missed my calling after all? Finally, we had a crash course on curling the hair the straighteners. My poor model looked like she had been dragged through a hedge but I’ll definitely give it another go with Imogen now I have the technique! What’s the worse that can happen?

Pikku Hair Styling Lessons

Many thanks to Minna, Laura and the other ladies at the session, Tess and Alex, for such a fun morning. I look forward to returning to the salon, leaving it to the professionals this time, as I am booking in the girls a pre-summer holiday cut.

Imogen skipped off to school happy with a slightly wonky French plait this morning. Mission accomplished.

Next plaiting courses are

Tuesday 14th June 12-2pm
Saturday 2nd July 4-6pm

Contact Pikku for more details and to book.

They also have a second location in Morpeth now.

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