The Parlour at Blagdon

The Parlour at Blagdon – Afternoon Tea

The sky was blue and we’d failed at going camping for the Bank Holiday weekend, so were desperately trying to do more than watch TV. I’d subtle dropped the hint at finding afternoon tea several times, but Catherine hadn’t caught it. So at Lunchtime on the Monday I pushed for Afternoon Tea anywhere. She rang up a couple of places that were fully booked, but when we rang The Parlour at Blagdon, there was no answer. They must have been busy, being lunchtime.
Catherine: They’ll be fully booked there’s no chance!
Alan: Lets rock up and just see, if there’s no spaces then we’ll do something else.

The Parlour at Blagdon

I’d never been here before and was taking Catherine’s guidance on the location. In my mind it was in the Milkhope Centre on the way to Horton Grange. However instead of turning off at the corner of the Blagdon Estate you continue on a few hundred yards and it’s on the right hand side. Unless you knew about this place there is a good chance you wouldn’t just drive past it. Also from the outside the Signage is a little basic to inspire you to set foot in.

We’d heard good reviews about the Parlour at Blagdon and this is why were were here. The garden area has a handful of sheds / summer houses that I believe you can sit in to eat and drink, but the glazing made it hard to see what was inside them. We were on a mission to see if we were getting food for lunch or more driving. So we walked straight to the Tea Room.

All of the tables had reserved signs on them, which was a little off putting, until we realised they said reserved at 3.00pm. As it was only 1.30pm we were able to have the table for an hour and a quarter before it would be set ready for the reservation.

The Parlour at Blagdon

We knew what we wanted, even though I still browsed the menu front and back. Afternoon Tea for 2 and two cokes for the kids. We also opted for their filter coffee instead of the tea. This had to be the best value for money afternoon tea in the area. Where it seems that everywhere is charging £20 per person, here Afternoon tea was £21.90 for two people.

Our Afternoon Tea Offering

Our three tier stand consisted of Sandwiches

Italian Baked Ham with Country Tomato Chutney

Farmhouse Mature Cheddar Cheese Savoury

Free Range Egg, Watercress & Black Pepper Mayo

Slow Roasted Topside of Beef & Creamed Horseradish

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry jam.

Afternoon Tea Scones

And when I thought a selection of cakes meant one or two, it actually meant one of each per person.

Italian Lemon Verbena Cake

Walnut & Sultana Farmhouse Cake

Luxurious Macarons

Decadent Double Chocolate Cake

Zesty Lemon Meringue Tart

Italian Fruit Panna Cotta

Afternoon Tea Cakes

Our kids mainly ate the scones and Chocolate cake. Cat ate the Beef and Ham Sandwiches while I ate everything that was left. The Cheese Savoury had a strong cheese taste, which I loved.
I believe the scones were good, as Imogen and Abigail didn’t leave any pieces for me to hoover up. If I was a real foody that could spill out the descriptive words to fulfil the blog space required to share the cake experience, then I would use it now, but instead I will say…. Mmmmmm!
After our Afternoon Tea for 2 for 4, I was stuffed. And feel the experience was worth more than we paid for it. However I liked it more being only £21.90 for the two of us.
We left the table promptly giving the staff plenty of time for the reservation to follow. In fact we scoffed the lot in less than 30 minutes!

The menu is available on their website

Only one thing for it… A walk around Northumberlandia to fill in the afternoon.


7 responses to “The Parlour at Blagdon – Afternoon Tea”

  1. Jo Ridley avatar
    Jo Ridley

    Looks delicious. If you’re ever over Durham city way check out afternoon tea at poplar garden centre at Shincliffe. Comes on a little picnic table. 11.95 per person xx

    1. Here Come The Hoopers avatar
      Here Come The Hoopers

      How canny! Sounds great we will def try to check out as we like having a drive out X

    2. Jo Ridley avatar
      Jo Ridley

      You get a big welly full of smoothie too 🙂 xx

    3. Here Come The Hoopers avatar
      Here Come The Hoopers

      They are pink too! Love it!

    4. Jo Ridley avatar
      Jo Ridley

      It’s fabulous lol xx

  2. Rachael Elizabeth Sanderson avatar
    Rachael Elizabeth Sanderson

    Will have to try it.x

  3. Rachael Elizabeth Sanderson avatar
    Rachael Elizabeth Sanderson

    Blagdon Gardens do open days and defo worth a visit with kids. Have cake/pony/tractor rides etc and stunning grounds.x

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