Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle : The Gateway to Old Newcastle

Hard to believe that for my 34 years on this planet I’ve never visited Newcastle Castle.  Must have walked or passed it on the Metro, heading into town hundred of times. Located high above the Quayside sandwiched between the High Level Bridge and main Railway line going into Central Station. The Newcastle Castle is very hard to miss!

The Newcastle Castle and the Black Gate

Newcastle Castle

On the Friday of February half term holidays we decided to pay a visit.   Joined by my friend Maxine and her children Leo (5) and Verity (10) who were also newbies to the castle. My car was out of action due to a scheduled MOT and service, so we were on public transport. This really wasn’t a problem though. The Q3 bus took us directly from our home in Gosforth to the nearest bus stop at The Gate.  From door to door only a half an hour journey.   No worries about finding a car parking space in the city centre.  The Newcastle Castle is split into two buildings The Black Gate and the Castle Keep.

Newcastle Castle

We purchased tickets on the second floor of The Black Gate (accessible by lift) for a bargain £6.50 for adults and £3.90 for children.   A family ticket of 4 is available too for £15.90.  Open from 10am to 5pm each day, we were all set to explore Newcastle’s Castle.

Children’s Crafts

Crafts Newcastle castle

As we paid for the tickets the attendant informed us that children’s crafts were taking place on the 3rd floor at 11-3.30pm.  Our kids love a good craft session, so we headed up and were met by the lovely Kathy.  We had the whole place to our self, so no jostling for the pens and supplies. Brass rubbing, split pin knights and masks were on offer and lots of nice sparkly bits to decorate them. Kathy was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the castle and I was asking her about the refurbishments.  The castle re-opened 2 years ago after securing lottery funding. To maximise the income stream as a registered charity the castle host meetings, conferences and school visits.

Guided Tour

At 12 noon a guided tour of the grounds was taking place so we abandoned the crafts and went to find the guide.  We were so pleased that we did! The tour was fascinating!   Our guide Bill was clearly used to talking to children as he was engaging and funny.  The children were tickled at the mention of wee and poo, which was dumped in the moat to keep out the baddies! Bill talked about the evil Sheriff of Newcastle who was partial to the liberal use of his prison.  You would not want to cross this man!

Newcastle Castle Stocks

As we moved around the grounds, he brought the history of the castle to life.  From The Romans and Normans who had settlements within the grounds and moving to the last century.  The Victorians nearly knocked the castle down as it was in the way of the industrialisation of the city and the railway.   Thankfully due to public pressure, a diversion around the castle saved it! One of the best facts which I’ve already bored a few people about was that the turrets were a Victorian addition. Being the big romantics they thought it had a better ‘fairy tale’ aesthetic.

The Castle Keep

In an effort to burn off some of the lunch calories, a decision was made to head straight up the 99 stairs up to the viewing area at the very top. Well worth the trek for the amazing view and the chance for a few selfies with the Tyne and Millennium Bridge in the background. It is worth mentioning that the Castle Keep is not accessible to anyone with mobility problems or pushchairs. Take a baby carrier if you have little ones.  It’s pretty much as the Normans left it, so be prepared for a lot of climbing, and exploring of the nooks and crannies.

Newcastle castle Views

Moving through the rooms, the children enjoyed a sword fight with the rubber swords and shields. So many interesting artefacts and displays to have a look at as you move around.  The 30 metre well which at one time supplied all the fresh water to the castle was impressive.  A form of medieval plumbing!

Knight School

Knight School Newcastle castle

Housed in the impressive Great Hall, a Knight School was taking place. Staff explained that children as young as 4 would have been sent to Knight School away from their parents.  Like a medieval Hogwarts! Their work would involve assisting the Knight until adulthood when they eventually get the job! Examples of the swords, jackets, chain mail were passed along.  It took hours with the help of the trainee knights to be kitted out in the full regalia. Better to take your time though as consequences could be fatal!

Home Time

At around 4pm, it was time to head back home.  The Newcastle Castle was a real surprise to the Half Term lineup and I have been spreading the word.  I would really recommend a visit here to learn more about the fascinating history of Newcastle.  The views from the top are pretty special too and give you a warm Geordie sense of pride.

For information on opening times and admissions please visit  If you are planning a visit soon, please note Newcastle Castle will be closed to the public on 6th and 13th March to allow for renovations to be carried out.


12 responses to “Newcastle Castle : The Gateway to Old Newcastle”

  1. What a fantastic review Cat. I really think that Newcastle Castle is such a hidden gem, it’s a fantastic place to visit! The tour guide sounds fab 😀

  2. It sounds and looks like a great day out….It looks like it’s worth a visit just for the view from the top!
    I didn’t even know there was a castle in Newcastle until a couple of year ago. Oops. lol

  3. In all my years of visiting Grandma in Newcastle, I never went here either! It sounds as though they’ve done loads to bring it up to date, and make it a fun place to visit with kids. Your certainly look very happy, even in the stocks! Thanks for linking up with #CulturedKids

  4. very interesting castle #culturedkids

  5. I love Newcastle Castle. There is always something new to discover each time we go. Loving the knight school, such a good idea

  6. I am such a fan of the Castle, and those views from the top! Wow! I could stand up there for hours!

  7. Isn’t it funny how we manage to miss the places on our doorstep?! What a great day out with so much for the kids to do. And that’s a bargain entry price!

  8. Fond memories of visiting as a child when it used to be called The Keep! Thanks for sharing with #culturedkids

    1. I remember it being called the Castle Keep as a kid. I think we did School trips and one of my neighbours took me too. It’s strange that when you get older you forget what is on your doorstep and seem to focus on travelling further away to see an attraction.

  9. That looks like a lovely day out. I love visiting places that have a history.

  10. This looks wonderful, it’s funny isn’t it how we don’t go to places on our doorstep. I know I’m the same here. Looks like there is loads to do and what a great price x

  11. I have lived here my whole life and don’t think I have visited the castle, unless I have on a school visit and forgot. I will have to visit one day when my children are older x

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