Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

Miller and Carter Fixed Price Lunch Special

The Kids had been lucky enough to be taken to Blackpool for the weekend by Catherine’s Parents. Or as I see it… We’d been lucky enough that Catherine’s parents had taken the kids away to Blackpool. Childfree for a full weekend! What were we going to do? Simple, go out and have 2 meals out for the same amount as one meal out with four people. So We continued to try out Restaurants in Gosforth.

Miller and Carter Fixed Price Lunch

Since it had opened up behind Gosforth Park we’d wanted to go for a meal. Our kids love steak as do we, but we’d heard it was expensive. However, Catherine had spotted their FIxed price lunch menu. Three courses from £13.95, this was running on a Saturday 12 – 3 pm, so I hot-footed it from work, got changed and got over to the Other side of the Racecourse as quick as possible.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

The restaurant is newly built on the New Moorfields Housing estate, currently being built by Bellway. Firstly I’ll lay my rant out quick. Moorfields hasn’t been under development that long and they have a restaurant! Great Park has been “completed” in parts for around 15 years and we have nothing in the Town Centre yet! If someone opened a restaurant in Great Park, I’m sure it would be packed firstly as there is no alternative! RIght, Rant over.

The Newly built restaurant is immaculate inside. The soft leather bench seating, wood panelling, sectioned off tables. The whole set up is perfect. We felt slightly underdressed upon arrival, but then felt more relaxed when we saw other restaurant guests. The interior must have cost a fortune, but as a well established successful brand, it is all clearly part of a winning formula.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

Miller and Carter Fixed Price Lunch Menu

The Fixed Price menu is a “limited” selection of meals, but it isn’t that limited in choice. There are 3 starters to choose from, 9 mains and 3 desserts.

Catherine ordered a glass or House Red wine.
“We don’t have a house wine!”
I was driving so, played it safe.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

After stewing over the menu, the one steak item I spotted on the Mains had a £2.50 supplement to it. Even so, it seemed good value so we ordered and enjoyed the peace.

Catherine Started off with Sticky Chilli-Hoisin Chicken Wings. A well presented small starter, that had a lovely Chinese aroma and a finger bowl for afterward.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

I opted for baked cheddar Mushrooms. This was served in a little tiny stainless steel pan with a side bowl of warm crisp breads. The wild mushrooms had garlic, possibly a few spinach leaves and melted cheddar all over. We both agreed it was very mushroomy. But it was absolutely delicious.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

For mains, Catherine chose the Chicken Schnitzel. This came with fries, a “crispy onion loaf” and an avocado and mozzarella salad. The Onion loaf looked a little like onion bhaji.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

I’d jumped straight in for the steak and chips option. What’s £2.50?
The steak was glazed with beef dripping sat upon the top of a seasoned chip mountain. Accompanied by a wedge of tomato with some balsamic vinegar squiggled over the top. I’ll be honest the tomato doesn’t do anything for me and it seems to be a traditional thing that hasn’t been updated. You always seem to get a half tomato with a grilled steak!

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

The thought of a side dish never entered our minds, until Bobby our waitress suggested we had a look. She pointed out the Mac ‘n’ Cheese options and I was sold. Lobster Mac ‘n cheese for £4 seemed to be a very reasonable price. But let be honest here, we really didn’t need it. From the started and the main, we were full already.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

We were full, we couldn’t eat much more and we’re ready for the bill. Although we’d gone for the 3 courses fixed price lunch, there is a 2-course version for £10.95

Bobby came over to the table and offered the dessert menu. With the limited choice of desserts, we both chose the caramel apple crumble. Cat with Ice Cream, Mine with Custard.

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

Miller and Carter Gosforth Park Review

The restaurant is fresh, clean and smells new. With a rich feel in the decor. We could tell that there weren’t any corners cut on the set up at this place. The service was very friendly and attentive. Miller and Carter seem to have the set up organised well.

Possibly as it was royal wedding weekend, the restaurant was relatively quiet with around 12 tables in while we arrived. The food arrived promptly and was well presented and I really can’t fault any part of the meal. In fact, I’m looking forward to going back with the kids, probably for a lunchtime again. I think for the full evening menu we’ll have to try and time it with another child-free event.

To view the full Lunchtime Fixed Price Menu, visit

We left Miller and Carter with a holiday feeling, which leads us into the showhome of the Moorfields development. Now Catherine want to move house! It must have been the double chicken she had.


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  1. HA HA! Knew there’d be a Great Park rant in here somewhere! It’s expensive isn’t it?! That’s what put us off going back but we do want to check out the new place so I’m sure we’ll be there soon – love steak!

  2. Oh the lunch menu looks canny! We aren’t fans of steak restaurants on the whole as Steve cooks an amazing steak (as good as any restaurant) for about 1/8 of the price. Their lunch menu does look like good value (if you aren’t tempted with the upsell like you guys) so it could be enough to tempt us!

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