Things to do in the Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol Things to do : A Day in Malaga

It was a happy coincidence that our friends the Duncans (Craig, Debbie, Alex and Kieran) were docking in Malaga on their super swish Royal Caribbean Med cruise when we were in the area. Plans to catch up with them over a Rioja or two close to Malaga cathedral were hatched. The last time we saw them was at Butlins Skegness in October which was a slightly different colder coastal setting. Surely there was a lot less chance of the kids asking for 2p for the arcade machines?

Calahonda to Malaga

Up, dressed and showered we set off to Malaga at 8am.

morning in Calahonda

Already in the Spanish holiday timezone of staying up very late and sleeping in even later this was a little bit of a struggle already.  This was only Day 3! From our base camp in Calahonda the journey was scheduled to take 40 minutes, popping in a public car park in Malaga into google maps.  This was the second time on the trip we had seen Malaga as a wrong turn from the airport had lead us here the wrong way up the coast.  Alan had had a few days of Spanish driving under his belt and felt slightly more confident of tackling the city roads.

Breakfast in Malaga

Parking in the main shopping centre was actually pretty stress free, just next to the popular El Corte Ingles department store which seem to be everywhere in Spain.  The next mission was coffee and a pastry which was easily located.  Imogen asked for a hot chocolate which was as far from the Cadbury’s highlights she is used to.  The hot chocolate was an authentic Spanish hot choc which was essentially melted chocolate in a small cup.

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Delicious but quite rich.  We all enjoyed sampling this and the accompanying sugar rush!

Mercado Central Atarazanas

Just opposite the coffee shop on the way to the cathedral was the Mercado Central Atarazanas, which was just fascinating.  An old fashioned covered in market selling the most amazing fish, fruit, meat and cheese.

Spanish Market

What a brilliant place and a true taste of Spain. On the outside of the market there were lots of tapas bar which were really popular.  You had to squash past to get along the pavement!

Soaking in the Malaga atmosphere

We still had an hour or so before meeting the Duncans so we just pottered around the city.   A small planted area outside of the cathedral was a good chill out people watching spot.

Abigail Hooper Cathedral Gardens Malaga

Imogen waited patiently for the perfect posing spot at the pond.

Instagram Pond

Malaga is really pretty with lots of shops, some you would recognise from back home like Mango, KIKO and Mayoral kids.  A new favourite shop of the girls was ALE-HOP a cross between Tiger and Smiggle, made distinctive with it’s full size cow outside.   The girls spent ages in here picking up some tat they didn’t really need! Just like a Saturday in the Metro Centre!

Time to meet the Duncans

The Duncans

Over a leisurely few drinks we caught up with our friends and were pretty jealous of their Royal Caribbean Med cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Their teens Alex and Kieran were loving the teen club and had lots of Snap Chat numbers from new friends.  No pen pals like in the olden days. Cruising is definitely shaking off it’s older reputation and their kids were loving experiencing new places along the Med with great food and entertainment. If anyone is wondering what Darren Day is up to these days..the answer is singing on cruise ships! Something to consider for us in the future for sure as Alan loves a bit of organised fun.

The Hoopers Meet The Duncans
Selfie taken by Alex Duncan.

It was soon time to say bye as they wanted to look around Malaga before heading back on their boat.  Until next time Duncans!

Roman Theatre

Our last bit of energy was taken up by climbing up the steep path around the Roman Theatre to get some good views of the city.  The girls were not too chuffed about this and moaned all the way up (and down!).

Roman Caste

The views were definitely worth it though and we saw the Duncan’s cruise ship in port. The city is vast and it was great to see the Costa Del Sol coastline stretching in the background. Bribed with ice creams we were back on the flat city streets heading back to Calahonda.  An awesome day was had in Malaga, would love to return to soak in more of the Spanish atmosphere for longer.


11 responses to “Costa Del Sol Things to do : A Day in Malaga”

  1. Any other must see places/ things to do on the Costa del Sol with kids? We fly out tomorrow ????

    1. We’re adding another 3 over the next few days. Ranging from a Marine Park to a Trip to Tangier!
      If you’re anywhere near Benalmadena then Parque De La Paloma is a nice public park, with loads of free roaming birds including Chickens! And a lake with turtles. It’s across the road from the marine park.

      How long are you going for / where are you staying?

    2. Close to Benalmadena for 2 weeks so will definately have a look at those and keep an eye out for any other posts. Thanks

    3. Mijas is lovely cute little white washed village with donkeys, Selwo marine park in Benalmadena and Selwo zoo in Estepona were good to get the kids out of the pool! Ronda is good for the views but bit of a hairy drive-I went with my parents kids skipped this one! mostly we just chilled by the pool ha ha!

    4. Heidi you will have a brilliant time! we were near fuengirola but to be honest anywhere is pretty easy to get too as a big road runs up the coast. Do you have a hire car?

    5. Yes we do, staying in a villa so will prob need it although hoping to use public transport more.
      Planning on doing lots of pool chilling too. Thanks x
      Can’t wait Suzanna Patterson ????????????

    6. Heidi the car will be invaluable!

  2. We’ve not been to Malaga. Looks fun though. Glad you had a good time x

  3. It looks fantastic – my mam visited Malaga for the first time in June (I think they caught the train from Benalmadena) and really spoke highly of the place. She said we’d love it and I agree!

    Ah girls and their tat eh! Heidi is obsessed with buying soft toys. She must have close to 200 now. Whatever makes them happy though.

    I’d love to try cruising with the kids but I don’t think there’d be many ships that had cabins for 5 and booking 2 cabins would just blow the budget. Let me know if you ever spot a liner that does.

    1. catherine hooper avatar
      catherine hooper

      Oooh i never thought about that with 5 of you! will keep my eyes peeled! You would love Malaga it’s small and compact but gives a good flavour of spanish city life. Costa del sol was great!

  4. I went to Benalmadena with my Mum at Easter and we took a bus to Malaga for the day, I think it took about an hour but it was a pleasant (and cheap!) journey and we adored the city. The views from Alcazaba are indeed beautiful and the shopping is awesome, I loved the harbour too, would definitely go back!

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