Everyone I know… I mean EVERYONE, seems to have gone to Longhorns Jesmond, yet it’s seemed to pass us by. I’ve driven past it several times and spied through the window in the Newcastle City Centre one a few times. The actual visit was inevitably going to happen, but when!

Longhorns Jesmond

It was the night before our Flight to Disneyland Paris (without kids), so it felt like a good idea to go out for food somewhere. Maybe it was the guilty feeling of going to have an amazingly fun time, in Disney’s theme parks, without the moaning and nagging. Maybe it was about loading up some fuel before the half Marathon that was following in a few days time. Or a combination of all that and I had some money in my wallet.

Me: Kids, do you want to go out for a meal tonight?
Abigail: Where are we going?
Me: Longhorns Jesmond???
Imogen: What Do they serve?
Me: MEAT!!!!!

Whether it was a coincidence that followed on from this MEAT statement or a child who want to go to familiar territory. Imogen decided that she had a pain in her belly and didn’t want to eat anything, so would just sit and watch! Really? Surely you can’t go out for a meal as a family and one family member eats nothing? Just watch us!

Longhorns Jesmond


I’ll be honest, I don’t know if there is vegetarian options here as I came here with tunnel vision. I wanted to eat a big chunk of meat. I didn’t really know what to try and as I went in blind, I may have stumbled at the first post… the menu.

Longhorns Jesmond longhorns-menu

Abigail, chose from the limited children’s menu. With three options to choose Southern Fried Chicken Pieces. It was the closest thing to chicken nuggets. It was served with a bundle of fries and she ate most of it, even though it was quite a large portion.

Kids Menu


I chose the Bigass Beef Rib which is a “Monster beef rib with over 1 pound of tender smoked badass beef”. This is what I was looking for. Well I thought it was.

Bigass Beef Rib

The Beef rib was tender and the meat literally fell away from the bones. There appeared to be 2 ribs in there. It was juicy and tasty, but I still tried out their selection of sauces on the table. The BBQ sauce was amazing.

As I forked the beef into my mouth, I was smiling and chomping. However after about 15 minutes of beef chomping, I decided I don;t like beef that much anymore. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the meal. It was that the quantity of the BIGass Beef rib, took me over my beef limit. Sliced beef on a Sunday roast must be where I stand.

Catherine, opted for a chicken burger, which I’ll be totally honest, we forgot what it was called. However the sweetness of the slaw, married well with the spiced chicken. Again a tray of fries.

Burger at Longhorns

If I’m totally honest I did start to get a little jealous of the flavours on Catherine’s tray, while I munched down more beef. It was brightly coloured, while my beef rib was smoked and brown / black. It didn’t stop me finishing it though.

Beef Rib Longhorns

BIGass Dessert Time

After a huge chunk of beef, there is only one thing that would follow it and make the grade. A crazily sized double waffle dessert topped with some sweets.

Monster Waffle Dessert

This was the Monster Waffle Sandwich. A double XL hot waffle sandwich with Nutella, poppin candy, jelly beans, marshmallow sauce and pieces!

Imogen’s belly pain subsided enough to start picking at the Jelly Beans on top of the waffles. This was amazing. The Ice cream and sweets finished off a very savoury meal perfectly and gave the sugar rush I desperately needed.

As we waddled out of the restaurant, it appeared that most people had been to the secret “in the know” club and ordered a sharing platter of lots of different meat cuts. Maybe next time, this will be the challenge.


6 responses to “Longhorns Jesmond”

  1. I totally read ‘MEEEAAAAATTTT’ in the voice of the dog from Get Santa!

    We’ve only been to Longhorns once (and must’ve been in the know as ordered a platter). I had a few niggles but I think they were due to me visiting close to launch and they were super busy. I must visit again soon.

  2. You guys need to go for breakfast next – the pit beans are so good!

  3. Next time your up Chris Speed we’ll have to share a table top of meat!

  4. They have a few veggie & vegan options, would you believe!

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