The WIld Boar Inn Bowness

Kendal Camping – Day 3 – Kendal and Wild Boar Inn

Packing up

Sadly our long bank holiday adventure had come to an end and it was time to pack up and head back to Newcastle.  As the weather was still gorgeous and so rubbish back at home we decided to spend as much of the Bank holiday Monday in the Lakes, soaking up the precious rays.  Rough plan was formulated which involved packing up the camp, trip to Kendal castle and then to head back to a pub, The Wild Boar Inn we had seen on a previous day for a late lunch.

We set about taking out all the camping stuff from the tent and laying it around the field.  There was so much stuff everywhere and we were so grateful the ground was dry.  The tent windows and doors had been opened when we got up in the hope it would be dry and prevent us having unpack to  dry it on the washing line.  One less job to do back at home.

Peace and Quiet

Car packed, tetris style and kids wedged in the back we headed into Kendal parking up outside of the Marks and Spencer’s in the middle of the town, just a 5 minute drive from the campsite. The kids waved fond farewells to their new camping pals April and Lois who were heading back to Blackpool today and we gave the owners of the campsite a wave and thanks.  Stephen and Alan were (yet again) keen to find geo-caches along the river.  The theme of the weekend continued…..

Kendal Castle

Heading down to the river towards Kendal Castle, I started to flag.  The heat, late nights (excessive prosecco consumption) and walking had done me in. I definitely didn’t fancy a trip up another hill!  Louise had previously suggested a cuppa in the Chocolate parlour in the town square, and I suggested we head back to town for tea and a mooch around the shops while the lads took the kids up to the castle on more geo-caching finds.  The lads were persuaded reluctantly and we swiftly retreated up to the cafe before they changed their mind.  Tea and cake were ordered in peace and very much enjoyed.

Lunch time – The Wild Boar Inn

The WIld Boar Inn Bowness

After a lovely stroll around town, it was soon time to meet the kids and lads back at the car. Everyone was quite hungry at this point and keen to find an nice pub to chill in for a few hours. Heading back towards Windermere we found the pub The Wild Boar Inn and were pretty much the only people in the bar area, ordering from the menu of hot sandwiches.  Food was presented on those ever so trendy wooden board and chips in the mini fryers, but it was well cooked and nothing was wasted.  So 2016!

Steak and Onion Sandwich

Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

The micro brewery behind a glass door was a cool and quirky touch too along with its own smokehouse in the grounds.

The Wild Boar Micro Brewery

*** Alan’s Addition! ***

The toilets! I can’t believe that the toilets weren’t mentioned. I never ventured into the ladies toilets, but the Male facilities were so amazing I had to be a bog blogger.

WIld Boar Inn Bowness

Sorry for the blurry photos. As you stepped into the male toilets you could hear water cascading down. It was timed with motion, so as I opened the door it activated.

Wild Boar Inn Urinal

What appeared to be a beautifully designed water sculpture / feature wall was in fact the urinals. Or I hope it was as I tested it out!

Next up was the traditional toilet.

Wild Boar inn Bowness

Beautiful wooden panelling in a traditional over head cistern style toilet. Spotlessly clean. But what caught my eye was this sign…

Wild Boar Inn Twinned Toilet

Toilet Twinning! I didn’t even know this was a thing. I’ve had a look on and was hoping to see a list of all the toilets that are twinned, but sadly it’s not listed. When you actually read up on it, it is a good cause to follow anyway.

*** Back to Cat ***

In the grand tradition of this trip, Alan and Stephen went off to get more geo-caches in the grounds of the hotel (it had it’s own forest) and myself and Louise grabbed another wine and went outside near to wood where the kids played on the tree swing.  Reluctantly at around 5pm we headed back home, making it back around 7.30 to start the dreaded unpacking.


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